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Door eGuard DG 8200 W

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Door eGuard DG 8200 - The digital peephole with doorbell function

Would you like to know who is standing in front of your door without opening it? The digital door viewer Door eGuard DG 8200 from BURG-WÄCHTER makes it possible. And in a very convenient way. Because the camera built into the peephole transmits the image to the display mounted on the inside.The peephole has a large detection angle of 105 degrees. This allows the system to recognise even hidden people. Of course, you can install the Door eGuard DG 8200 yourself without much previous technical knowledge.

Practical photo function in case of absence

The digital peephole is also active for you when you are away. The Door eGuard DG 8200 uses the doorbell function to save images when you are not at home. When the button on the door viewer is pressed, the system saves a recording of the visitor. This allows you to see who has rung your doorbell.The internal memory stores up to 25 images. With an SD card, you can increase this capacity to more than 14,000 images

Door eGuard DG 8200 door viewer delivers sharp images even at night

Thanks to a 0.3 MP camera, a TFT screen with a diagonal screen size of 4 inches and a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, people in front of your door are clearly visible. Thanks to the infrared LED light, the door viewer shows a clear, sharp image even at night. After pressing the button on the display, the image appears in less than a second.

Easy self-assembly

The peephole is easy to install on standard doors with a door thickness of 38 to 110 mm. The diameter of the hole should be at least 14 mm and a maximum of 32 mm. Installation should only take place indoors.The Door eGuard 8200 electronic door viewer is battery-operated. You do not need a power socket. The batteries are included in the scope of delivery. So you can put your video door viewer into operation straight away.  

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