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eBoxx E 634 S W

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The eBoxx E 634 parcel box for secure delivery in your absence.

What are the benefits of a parcel box? Ordering and receiving goods online is extremely convenient and practical - but only if someone is at home when the delivery is made. BURG-WÄCHTER has the solution to this problem: The eBoxx parcel box receives your items even when you are away. Annoying trips to the parcel shop are now a thing of the past. The eBoxx E 634 in white and anthracite has a volume of 98 litres. 

The eBoxx E 634 parcel box with optional letterbox

The combination of the parcel box with the matching letterbox as an attachment is extremely practical. This means you no longer need a separate letterbox. Of course, the eBoxx letterbox fits exactly on the parcel box. Furthermore, the eBoxx E 634 can be combined with up to two letterboxes.

Secure locking system 

The patent-pending locking system of the eBoxx parcel box is particularly secure. The opening flap has a special snap-in lock so that it can be opened easily by the delivery person. The parcel is stored inside and the delivery person then closes the door securely by pressing a push button and triggering the final security lock. This can then only be opened by the owner of the parcel box.

Easy removal of your parcels

The door of the eBoxx is protected against unintentional opening. The latch mechanism is corrosion-resistant and provides the necessary security with a robust lock and the sturdy hinges. When opening the door, the built-in stop by means of a stop bar makes it easier to remove your parcels. The spacious design may tempt many a child to play. However, just in case, the parcel box has a secure emergency opening option with which the door can also be opened from the inside. The door latch function, on the other hand, prevents unintentional opening from the outside.

Mounting options

The eBoxx is prepared for fixed wall or floor mounting. The enclosed fastening material enables quick installation and commissioning. With a suitable stand, you can place your parcel box anywhere you like. The Universal 150 eBoxx Ni or Terzo 170 V11-170 stand are ideal for this purpose. Tip: Install the eBoxx in a weather-protected area - this will ensure that it remains in optimum condition for a long time to come.

For multiple deliveries: the Boxx EASY+  

The boxes have a modular design and can also be combined to form larger units. This means that compact parcel receiving systems can also be installed for residential and commercial buildings or housing estates. Those who favour a parcel box for multiple deliveries from all parcel service providers and other suppliers will find the perfect solution in the eBoxx EASY+.

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