Türschlosselektronik-secuENTRY Einzelkomponenten | ENTRY 7074 Transponder Extender

ENTRY 7074 Transponder Extender

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Opening doors, barriers or gates with the wall reader

Conveniently open the entrance door from a distance or the garage without getting out of the car? This is possible without any problems. Because with the secuENTRY 7074 transponder extender wall reader, an electronic door lock from BURG-WÄCHTER becomes even more flexible. The wall reader acts as a kind of remote control. If it receives the corresponding signal to open or close via the passive transponder, it passes it on to the electronic door lock. Accordingly, you open the door, the garage door or the barrier. The wall reader transponder extender from BURG-WÄCHTER was awarded the PLUS X AWARD 2020 for high quality, ease of use and functionality!

secuENTRY 7074 transponder extender is linked to the door lock in just a few seconds.

The link between the wall reader and the secuENTRY door lock is very simple: You simply hold a passive transponder registered on the electronic door lock or in the secuENTRY software to the secuENTRY 7074 transponder extender. If a signal tone sounds, the device is ready for use. The wall reader now transmits the signal to the door lock and acts as a remote opener. The correct position for placing the passive transponder is marked by the BURG-WÄCHTER sticker on the front of the wall reader. The maximum range between the wall reader and the secuENTRY door lock is 4 metres. Operation is also very simple: You only have to place the authorised transponder briefly on the wall reader until a signal tone sounds.

Device signals low battery

If the battery in the secuENTRY 7074 transponder extender needs to be replaced, the device signals this with five beeps in succession. Incidentally, the battery can be replaced in just a few steps: Use the covered screws to loosen the wall reader. Then remove the back from the housing using four screws. You can then open the wall reader and replace the inserted battery (model CR 123 A) with a new one.

The secuENTRY transponder extender can be used with the following versions and higher

secuENTRY and secuENTRY pro as of software version 1.7secuENTRY easy / secuENTRY pro 7100 and secuENTRY easy plus as of software version 1.3Relay secuENTRY pro 7071 as of software version 1.4 

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