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secuENTRY 7090 Hotel Software - Guest code already contains access authorisation.

Never again replace a lost key or transponder. And at the same time store the access times to the minute. That is probably the wish of every hotel manager. And this is exactly what the secuENTRY 7090 hotel software makes come true. Because the six-digit code generated by the hotel software already contains all the information on the validity full stop including the check-out time. This is ensured by complex algorithms during the generation process.

Reception no longer has to be manned all the time

It is not necessary to transmit the code to the secuENTRY locking cylinder of the respective hotel room. This means that the reception desk no longer has to be manned 24 hours a day. Because the guest enters the room alone with the previously communicated code. Of course, the application is also ideally suited for the holiday flat or holiday complex. Neither the owner nor the manager need to be on site for arrival and departure - no matter where in the world the holiday home is located!

Ideal for holiday flats - the manager does not need to be on site

To manage your locking system for a hotel or holiday apartment complex, you need the secuENTRY 7083 software. This is because you configure the locking plan with these programs. The hotel software programs electronic door cylinders of the secuENTRY pro series. The door cylinders can be retrofitted in just a few steps. No fittings need to be installed, no cables need to be pulled and no holes need to be drilled.

Adaptable to hotel structure and booking software

In addition to personal guest codes for individual rooms, the secuENTRY 7090 hotel software also generates codes for communal doors, barriers or garage doors. In total, up to 500 doors can be managed in the software. Adaptation to the respective hotel structure is just as possible as interaction via interface with automatic check-in machines and the booking software. This convincing overall package is what makes the secuENTRY 7090 hotel software so attractive.

The secuENTRY 7090 hotel software at a glance

Wireless electronic locking system with guest codesGuest code with six digits contains all information, also suitable for communal doors, barriers and garage doorsDefinition of the check-out timeSuitable for hotels and holiday resorts with up to 500 doorsMaximum booking time of 29 nightsNo networking to the locks necessaryBasic requirement: secuENTRY pro 7083 software (additional software functions can be used)Adaptation of the software to the respective hotel structureJournal function within the softwareCompatible via interfaces with check-in machines and booking softwareSystem requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 in standard configurationSystem compatibility: secuENTRY pro 7000, secuENTRY pro 7100, TSE 9000 Hotel, TSE 6000, TSE 3004 Hotel, TSE 3003 Hotel