Türschlosselektronik-secuENTRY Einzelkomponenten | ENTRY 7710 RFID


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secuENTRY 7710: The modern passive transponder

Door opening with contactless data transmission. The secuENTRY 7710 passive transponder works with this convenient technology. You simply hold the handy chip (47 x 27 mm) in front of the secuENTRY door cylinder. This releases the lock and you can open the door or lock it again securely.The passive transponder addresses the electronic door cylinder using RFID technology (radio frequency identification). By the way, the transmitted data is AES-encrypted. So you don't have to worry that your access authorisation could be intercepted and misused by unauthorised persons.

Quick assignment of rights to open the secuENTRY cylinder

The secuENTRY 7710 transponder can be read into the secuENTRY software via the enclosed QR code. It is also possible to read out and write to the passive transponder via the secuENTRY pro enrolment. In addition, the passive transponder can also be taught in a few steps via the secuEntry keypads pincode and fingerprint. This allows you to quickly and securely assign the appropriate rights to open your door.Do you need more than one or two transponders for different users? No problem: BURG-WÄCHTER offers separate electronic keys at a reasonable price, which you can purchase in addition to your electronic door lock as required.

secuENTRY 7710 - ideal for hotels, companies and authorities

Thanks to the simple and fast assignment of rights via the optional secuENTRY PC software, the handy passive transponder is particularly suitable for hotels and wherever temporary access rights are required. For example, in companies or public authorities. This allows you to assign new rights for the transponder at any time. The old rights are deleted accordingly.

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