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ENTRYeasy 5601 PIN

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secuENTRY easy 5601: Open doors quickly and securely with a 6-digit code.

Keyless entry: Open doors with a personally created code - it could hardly be more practical. Alternatively, the electronic door lock secuENTRY easy 5601 PINCODE offers you the option of gaining access via KeyApp using your smartphone. This electronic door lock system is particularly secure and additionally protected against manipulation by AES encryption during data transmission via Bluetooth 4.0 LE.BURG-WÄCHTER won the PLUS X AWARD as "BEST PRODUCT 2020" for the secuENTRY easy series. In addition, it received the seal of approval in the categories of design, high quality as well as ease of use and functionality.

Modern access: Individual code or with the help of the KeyApp

The secuENTRY easy cylinder offers exceptional flexibility because, in addition to smartphones, it can also be controlled via pin code as standard. This allows a quick response to changing requirements or the system can be upgraded at a later date.

Open your doors in an innovative way! With the secuENTRY easy 5601 with pin code, you can choose from various keyless entry methods:

  • Create your personal 6-digit access code and enter it conveniently via the keypad. The electronic cylinder switches and you can now operate the knob. A total of up to 50 different codes can be programmed (including an administrator code).
  • Access via KeyApp on your smartphone is also particularly convenient. Simply press the access knob - done! A practical advantage: several smartphones can be programmed to the secuENTRY cylinder by different users at the same time!  The Key App is of course free of charge and available for iOS and Android.
  • Door opening via transponder is also possible. The secuENTRY easy series can receive the signal of the sE-Key active transponder and convert it accordingly.
With all variants, the information is securely AES-encrypted via Bluetooth. This makes manipulation impossible.

Installation without drilling and pulling cables

The electronic door lock system can be used for interior areas and house entrance doors. The electronic cylinder can be used for doors up to 118 mm (59/59) thick. The installation is very simple and quick and takes place without any additional drilling. The existing fittings remain intact. It is not necessary to measure to the millimetre.The secuENTRY keypad with protection class IP 65 is ideally installed in a weather-protected area. Please note here that the distance in the vicinity of the door should not exceed 4 metres - this ensures a problem-free Bluetooth connection.

Optional PC software

With the secuENTRY easy 5601 pin code, you have the option of registering several users with individual codes. User administration is carried out with the practical software for your PC. Here, organisation and overview are particularly convenient. Grant or withdraw access rights for up to 50 users and read out the access history.The secuENTRY easy 5601 set includes: An electronic secuENTRY easy cylinder, a secuENTRY easy Pincode keypad, batteries and operating and installation instructions.

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