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ENTRYeasy + 5652 FP

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secuENTRY easy plus 5652 Fingerprint convinces with 6 opening options

It happens thousands of times every year: You have lost your key, left it in your home or it has broken off. Unfortunately, the consequence is the same: the front door remains closed and the key service has to get involved. But with the new electronic door lock secuENTRY easy plus 5652 Fingerprint, these scenarios are finally a thing of the past. With secuENTRY easy plus you can open your door in six different ways. And all without a key. Fingerprint, code, smartphone, passive transponder or active transponder are available. In addition, the secuENTRY easy plus 5652 Fingerprint offers a mechanical emergency opening just in case.

Complete set for quick installation

The secuENTRY easy plus 5652 fingerprint is supplied as a complete set. This means you can install and use it straight away. In addition to the electronic door cylinder, the keypad with finger scan and code entry as well as a passive transponder are included in the scope of delivery. You can assign or delete opening rights via the keypad keyboard or the optional software. For example, for temporary guests such as tradesmen or cleaning help. The same applies if a passive transponder is lost. This prevents unauthorised persons from entering your home. In addition, the software offers further functions such as: User administration, assignment of rights, readout of the locking history (last 2000 entries).

Without measuring: Fits all doors up to 120 mm thick

secuENTRY easy plus 5652 Fingerprint can be used flexibly. The cylinder can be adapted to all doors up to a maximum thickness of 120 mm. This eliminates the need for you to take measurements and search for the right cylinder. This saves time. Furthermore, if you move house, you can simply take your secuENTRY easy plus system with you and install it in the new front door. Of course, security has also been taken into account. The data is securely transmitted between the keypad and the cylinder via Bluetooth 4.0 with AES encryption. So you don't have to worry about the data being read out.

Accessories and spare parts

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