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Potsdam 878 BR

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Galvanised steel fence mailbox Potsdam

For mounting on your fence: The galvanised steel Potsdam letterbox from BURG-WÄCHTER in landscape format offers plenty of space for your mail and can be optimally mounted on your fence. The contents are well protected from the weather and other external influences at all times. The insertion flap in DIN C4 format enables convenient insertion, even of larger letter items.

Rear access flap

The rear-opening flap and the built-in opening stop on the door make removing mail particularly practical: this prevents your mail from falling out unintentionally. The spacious letterbox is available in white and brown. The Potsdam fence mailbox complies with the European standard (EN 13724) for mailboxes.

Made of fully galvanised steel

To make the Potsdam fence letterbox more resistant to wind and weather and to optimally protect the contents from moisture, we have galvanised it over its entire surface. This makes it even easier to care for. To ensure that you enjoy this model for a long time, we recommend that you clean it regularly with a damp, clean cloth.

Installation tips

The Potsdam letterbox is not pre-assembled. With the help of a few small holes, it can be individually adapted to your fence and the individual distances.Note: All fence letterboxes are also suitable for mounting on the inside of the door and can thus be used as a drop-through box. The insertion flap on the back can be easily removed.

Accessories and spare parts

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