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Pro-Adapter 1: 5 mm

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secuENTRY pro adapter - brass extension for inside and outside

The secuENTRY adapters for inside and outside replace the standard plastic extensions for electronic secuENTRY pro locking cylinders. The brass secuENTRY pro adapters are available in eight different lengths: from 5 to 40 millimetres, each in increments of five millimetres (adapter 1=5 mm; 2=10 mm; 3=15 mm; 4=20 mm; 5=25 mm; 6=30 mm; 7=35 mm; 8=40 mm).

High-quality spacers replace the plastic extension

The secuENTRY adapters further enhance the high-quality door cylinders and ensure a beautiful appearance. The spacers are suitable for all secuENTRY pro door cylinders that use plastic locking shaft extensions. 

The secuENTRY pro adapters are suitable for the following secuENTRY pro door cylinders

secuENTRY pro 7000Half cylinder secuENTRY 7030 HalfsecuENTRY pro 7010 Twin

Door thickness defines the suitable adapter

Which adapter size is required depends on the respective door thickness. By the way, the calculation of the correct adapter is explained in the operating instructions of the secuENTRY pro door cylinder used. The required secuENTRY pro brass adapter corresponds to the plastic spacer already used during installation. These are supplied with the door cylinder in eight different sizes. To fix the brass secuENTRY pro adapter, simply use the screw already used during installation. The shape and size of the screw fits the brass spacer exactly.

Relocation or door replacement: Be sure to keep the standard adapter.

Tip: After installation, it is essential to keep the plastic adapters that are not needed. If you move house, the secuENTRY door cylinder can easily be removed and taken with you. Since the front door may have a different thickness in the new home, the electronic door cylinder can be installed immediately with the appropriate spacer.

secuENTRY door cylinders fit all common door thicknesses

It is also conceivable to change to a door with a different thickness within the house or flat. Depending on the model, the secuENTRY pro door cylinders are suitable for door thicknesses between 60 and 130 millimetres. The secuENTRY pro 7030 Half cylinder is installed in doors up to an overall length of 77.5 millimetres.

The secuENTRY adapters at a glance

Adapters in lengths from 5 to 40 millimetresFor the door cylinders secuENTRY pro 7000, secuENTRY 7030 Half, secuENTRY pro 7010 TwinDoor thickness determines adapter size