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Pure-Safe EWS - Deposit safe with two slots for money and documents

A safe is not only used to store valuables. In many situations papers or cash also need to be secured quickly. For example, vehicle documents or the day's takings. Whether in companies, public authorities, self-employed people and clubs or, of course, at home. With the Pure-Safe EWS, you can do this quite conveniently because we have equipped the safe with two practical insertion slots for precisely this purpose. So you don't have to open your safe first to store important documents. You can even insert papers up to A4 size into the Pure-Safe EWS. The insertion slot on the top (325 mm x 10 mm) provides the necessary size for this. The second slot on the front of the Dual-Safe EWS is 240 mm x 10 mm. The advantage of two slots: Even if the safe is permanently installed in a piece of furniture, you always have easy access to at least one slot.

Reinforced locking bolts and anti-drill protection protect your contents

With a combination of various security components, the Pure-Safe EWS deposit safe provides robust protection for the papers inserted. And of course for valuables too. The body is made of single-walled steel. The door even has a double-walled design. In addition, the reinforced locking bolts and drill protection provide extra security. Of course, the EWS safe has been tested for quality and function in the BURG-WÄCHTER test laboratory. So that the safe cannot simply be taken away in the event of a break-in, it is anchored in a fixed component. The required fastening material for wall and floor anchoring is of course included in the scope of delivery. The corresponding fixtures are set ex works, allowing you to anchor the deposit safe quickly and conveniently. For example, in furniture such as a cupboard or desk.

Pure-Safe EWS deposit safe with plenty of storage space

The PS 120 EWS has a compact size. With a volume of 20.6 litres, it still offers an amazing amount of storage space. You can organise it as you wish with a removable shelf. The Pure-Safe EWS weighs 12.8 kg.  In addition to this drop-in safe, there are many more in the Pure-Safe range. Of course the safes in classic design. In addition models specifically for laptops and wall safes. With the Pure-Safe EWS, you can choose between two locking systems. You can either opt for the electronic code lock or the classic key lock.

EWS deposit safe with electronic lock and modern, flush operation

The new electronics are flush-mounted in the safe door. This saves space and ensures an elegant look. The most important points at a glance: 
  • Modern, programmable electronic lock
  • Opening methods: general code or user code
  • You can change the secret codes at any time according to your wishes
  • Convenient handling thanks to motorised locking and automatic door opening
  • Clear, easy-to-read display
  • Haptic feedback when a button is pressed
  • Additional lock for emergency opening.
  • Battery operation with 1.5 V Mignon (incl. 4 batteries)

EWS drop-in safe with key

  • Classic double-bit lock
  • Key length: 76 mm
  • With two keys ex works 

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