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Tresore-Waffenschränke | Ranger 800/8

Ranger 800 / 8 E FP

SKU: 4003482414903

Locking system:

Locking system



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Gun cabinet Ranger 800/8 with resistance grade I

BURG-WÄCHTER provides the perfect solution for all rangers, hunter and marksmen. In fact, the gun cabinet Ranger 800/8 ensures a responsible storage of weapons. The Ranger can contain up to eight long guns, an unlimited amount of short weapons and ammunitions. The Ranger 800/8 with resistance grade I is supervised from the ECB and provides a high degree of security thanks to its certified protection against burglary according to EN 1143-1.

Ranger 800/8: robust structure for a high protection

The double-walled body of the gun cabinet is composed of strong steel of twice 3 mm (overall 71 mm wall thickness). The door is double-walled as well und closes thanks to strong round bolts of 28 mm on three sides. Furthermore the strong round bolts secure the door as a rear grip bar on the hinge side. In order to increase the security degree of the Ranger, the gun cabinet is prepared as standard for a stable anchoring on the bottom and can be anchored with the mounting material. Furthermore the Ranger 800/8 has as extra security feature a non-resettable emergency locking system in the mechanics of the door. In this way your guns are ideally protected from burglars. The Ranger 800/8 provides a sum trade-insurance up to 20.000 € and a sum private insurance up to 65.000 €. Please note that an assessment with the insurer is required.

Available with two locking systems

The gun cabinet Ranger 800/8 with resistance grade I comes in two models. With the mechanical lock „SecuSafe” as well as with the electronic  combination lock “SecuTronic” including a fingerprint scanner.

„SecuSafe“ – armored, adaptable high security double-bit lock

The armored high security double-bit lock „SecuSafe“ is a more than practical solution in the case of lost key. With such a loss, thanks to a new set of keys the lock can be immediately reset. Your advantage: no more laborious and expensive exchanging of the entire lock! With only a few trained movements, your gun cabinet is safe again. The safe lock of the Ranger 800/8 provides The safe lock of the Ranger 800/8 offers ten levers and 50 million different locking possibilities. Furthermore it is tested according to SchlVdS (class 2) and certified according to EN 1300 ECB•S (lock class B).

„SecuTronic“ – Electronic combination lock with fingerprint scanner (E FP models)

The modern safe electronics „SecuTronic“ TRSE 12 V FP (ECB•S certified according to EN 1300, class B) scores with amazing features for security and comfort. Thus the interface provides a sloping touch-sensitive keypad with a graphic display and two-tone lightings. Furthermore the sloping keypad guarantees an ideal top view. Of course you can choose the opening code. With that one admin code and nine user codes are available. Besides you can read the opening history directly on the display. With the Ranger 800/8 batteries are included. In this way you can use your gun cabinet immediately. Please note that the lock armature protrudes 50 mm.The „SecuTronic“ TRSE 12 V FP features an individual opening delay (max. 99 minutes). It means: after entering the right code the set period of time passes before opening the safe. Furthermore after entering three wrong codes a blocking time is activated. In this way a burglar has no chance to try many codes. All these points increase you security even more!

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