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Locking system



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Authorized for long guns and for up to 5 short weapons: Gun cabinet Ranger N7 with resistance grade 0

The gun cabinet Ranger N7 (designed for 7 long guns) has a resistance grade 0. You can store an unlimited amount of long guns and up to 5 short weapons, ammunitions included, according to the §36 of the current German weapon law. Two storage compartments in the door provide storage space, furthermore three cleaning rod holders are available in the Ranger N7. The safe has following outside measurements: height: 1304 mm; width: 472 mm; depth: 368 mm.

VdS and ECB•S tested locking system

With the gun cabinet Ranger N7 you can choose between two locking systems: the armored security double-bit lock „SecuSafe“ (Ranger N7 S) provides one million different locking possibilities and is VdS and ECB•S tested. Thus the Ranger N7 provides a protection against burglary, certified according to EN 1143-1.

Versions: Ranger N7 S (key) or Ranger N7 E (code)

If you do not want to use a key, choose the programmable electronic combination lock „SecuTronic“ (Ranger N7 E) for a comfortable, fast and safe type of opening. The combination lock offers one million real combination options and is VdS certified (class 2/B). In order to ensure the possibility to use the gun cabinet N7 E immediately, the necessary batteries are of course included in the scope of supply.

Triple-walled body, strong round bolts 25 mm

Concerning the „intrinsic value“ of Ranger N7: the gun cabinet is built with a triple-walled body, the door is double-walled. Round bolts with a diameter of 25 millimeters lock the door on three sides. Thanks to this robust structure the gun cabinet provides great resistance against breaking-in attempts. In order to avoid theft, the Ranger N7 should be – like all other safes – firmly anchored. The gun cabinet is already prepared ex works for a stable anchoring in the wall – the corresponding mounting material is of course delivered together with the cabinet. Further extra security: a non-resettable double emergency locking system is built in the door mechanics. In this way you are on the safe side!Tip:  the heavy door of the Ranger N7 (total weight: 121 kg; volume: 130 liters), weighing 40 kg, can be unhinged to be more comfortably transported.

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