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key blank 17 B

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Lock and bolt Here you will find locking technology for every purpose. Secure different objects - with a lock or bolt from BURG-WÄCHTER. Choose a lock with traditionThe production of locks has a long tradition with us. We have been developing high-quality cylinder locks since the company was founded in 1920. Careful development and good quality are our main focus. Consequently, BURG-WÄCHTER locks are very durable. Protection against picking is particularly important. This is ensured by selected materials and a robust design. Whether padlock, deadbolt, bicycle lock or cylinder lock.Discover our remarkable variety. Locking technology is used everywhere. Secure a gate, your bicycle or a piece of furniture. Here you will also find universal cylinder locks - quick and easy to install. Our hasps and deadbolts are also permanently mounted. Lock your lock securely with a key. Other models can also be conveniently operated with a numerical code. Choose from various colours and sizes and find the perfect lock!