Briefkästen-Stahl-Briefkästen-TEXEL 5767

TEXEL 5767 W

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Steel letterbox Texel fully galvanised

The Texel steel letterbox has a classic design and fits on any house wall. The model is available in three colours: white, silver, iron. The galvanised and coated steel makes the letterbox very weather-resistant. The textured paint finish ensures a beautiful appearance. So that you can enjoy your letterbox for a long time.

With large slot and name window

Although the steel letterbox has a compact design, the model has an insert in DIN C4 format (insertion: 33 x 250 mm). This means that even larger letters can be delivered without being bent. Furthermore, the Texel letterbox has a high-quality cylinder lock and a transparent name plate.

Texel letterbox "Made in Germany

The steel letterbox is "Made in Germany" and offers great corrosion resistance thanks to its high quality. The model complies with the European EN standard 13724. The scope of delivery includes two keys and the necessary mounting material.

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