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TS 1500 W SB

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Precise and compact: the TS 1500 door closer

The door closer TS 1500 combines compact size with powerful technology to close doors up to a width of 95 cm and 110 cm safely and precisely. This EN size 3/4 linkage door closer is designed for door weights up to 130 kg. This makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of door types.

Easy adjustment and reliability

With its simple closing force adjustment, which is done by simply turning the linkage bearing block over, you can effortlessly adjust the resistance of your door. This is particularly useful to ensure that the door closes smoothly and securely  regardless of the door width and weight. In addition, you can adjust the closing speed and end stroke according to your individual preferences to ensure a smooth and precise closing movement.

Longevity and safety

Trust our quality: the TS 1500 door closer is covered by a 5-year warranty. This gives you the peace of mind that this product is designed for long-term reliability.

Available colours

The TS 1500 door closer is available in silver and white.

The TS 1500 - A compact door closer with great performance

With the TS 1500 door closer, you get a small but powerful partner in your home that not only offers you maximum security, but also represents the perfect balance between compactness and technology. With this quality, you give your doors the locking technology of the big ones.