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Tür & Fenstersicherheit-mechanische Zusatzsicherungen 〡 W-SafeWD3 W Z1 KA

W-SafeWD3 W Z1 KA

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WinSafe WD 3: The window security device with two robust swivel bolts

Simple installation, great effect: With the WinSafe WD 3 window security device from BURG-WÄCHTER, you equip your home optimally against burglary. The two sturdy swivel bolts ensure high resistance and flexible application.Recommended by the police: The K-BURGLARY level B of the police confirms the effective mechanical protection of the certified products against burglary attempts.

Double swing bolts - double security

The housing made of sturdy die-cast zinc secures your windows particularly reliably with the help of the two swing bolts. Both bolts can be used on the right and/or left and can be swivelled in both directions. You decide whether you want to protect two windows at the same time or one window twice. The double protection of a single-leaf window with the WinSafe WD 3 is VdS-tested and approved.The swing bolts engage automatically and thus ensure a high level of closing comfort.The WinSafe WD 3 module is equipped with a cylinder lock for optimal locking. If you wish, you can choose a keyed alike lock when purchasing several WinSafe WD 3 window locks. This way you only need one key for all your units and thus minimise the risk of losing a key.The two different colours (white or grey-brown) and the simple design are ideally suited to your window.

Easy to retrofit yourself

All WinSafe security devices from BURG-WÄCHTER are quick and easy to install yourself. To install the WinSafe WD 3 security device, you only need to drill small holes in the window frame, the sashes remain undamaged.

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