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WinSafe WS 11 F1 GL W

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VdS-approved WinSafe WS 11 window security device with single bolt

A good window security system has successfully stopped many an uninvited guest. Don't give burglars a chance right from the start: With the WinSafe WS 11 window security system, BURG-WÄCHTER helps you to retrofit your home easily and burglar-proof.The practical special feature: The WinSafe products WS 11, WS 22 & WS 33 can be purchased keyed alike. This means you can secure and manage the different WinSafe products with just one key.Recommended by the police: The K-BURGLARY level B of the police confirms the effective mechanical protection of the certified products against burglary attempts.

VdS-approved construction

This WinSafe window locking device is made of robust zinc die-cast and is equipped with a stable, pivoting single bolt. This bolt provides security and also a high degree of locking comfort. The construction is particularly resistant to burglary attempts. For windows made of wood or aluminium, the deadbolt is VdS-tested and ECB-S-certified.The elegant design and pleasant feel are guaranteed to fit any window.The bolt is available in white and grey-brown to match the colour of your windows.

Simple and quick retrofitting

The WinSafe WS 11 is particularly quick and easy to install. The bolt can be fitted to the top, bottom or handle side of the window. Please note that the minimum mounting width is 26 mm.

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Accessories and spare parts

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