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WinSafe WS 33 F1 GL W

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WinSafe WS 33 is a test winner: Window security device achieves top mark 0.9 in "Stiftung Warentest".

The VdS-tested and approved WinSafe WS 33 window security device from BURG-WÄCHTER is easy to install yourself and successfully repels burglary attempts. This makes the model ideal for retrofitting windows as well as patio and balcony doors in your home.

Experts fail WinSafe WS 33 in burglary simulation.

In the big comparison of "Stiftung Warentest", the WinSafe 33 fully convinced the testers. With an overall grade of "very good" (0.9), the WS 33 came out on top in the handle side security class. Thus, the model achieved the best grade of all test categories. The advice of "Stiftung Warentest" for optimal burglary protection: Secure "the handle side for example with the BURG-WÄCHTER WinSafe WS 33." The large comparative test on the topic of burglary protection was published in the magazine "Test" (10/2020).The testers did not succeed in overcoming the WinSafe WS 33 in the specified time of twice three minutes despite the use of tools. With the time limit, the testers simulated a real burglary. Experience shows that if the window or patio door is not opened after a few moments, burglars do not take any further risks and run away. The WinSafe WS 22 double bolt security device was also rated "very good" (1.1).Recommended by the police: The K-EINBRUCH Level B of the police confirms the effective mechanical protection of the certified products against burglary attempts.

Certified security

The housing of the WinSafe WS 33 security device is made of robust zinc die-cast and thus offers a high resistance to forced entry. The mechanical window security device is VdS-tested and ECB-S-certified for windows made of wood, aluminium and plastic with metal insert.The two available colours (white and grey-brown) perfectly match any window or window-door.

Convenient sliding mechanism

The sliding mechanism for locking and unlocking is extremely easy and convenient to use. If the lock cylinder is in an open position, the lock can be unlocked without a key by turning it. In a closed position, the key is required for unlocking. Furthermore, it is always visually apparent whether the window locking device is in a locked position. There is no need for tiresome checking.If you wish, you can choose a lock with the same key when purchasing several different WinSafe security devices (WS 11, WS 22 and WS 33). This means you only need one key for all your window locks. This minimises the risk of losing a key and maintains the overall security of your home.

Simple retrofitting

You can easily install the window lock yourself. With the help of a few small holes and a few simple steps, the WinSafe WS 33 is quickly and stably fixed. The individual parts do not have to be laboriously assembled. Instead, you can start with the actual installation immediately.Please note that the WinSafe WS 33 window lock is only intended for installation on the handle side of your inward-opening window or French door.

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