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Office-Line with security level B by BURG-WÄCHTER: The perfect business safe

The Office-Line security cabinet with security level B is ideal as a business safe. It offers secure and reliable protection for cash, documents, customer data and much more. With an OfficeLine, the contents are securely protected against theft. The choice is yours when it comes to safe size and wear system!

Robust design protects against theft

The body and door of the Office-Line are double-walled. The stable, three-sided locking device on the door is comprised of round bolts, which are 28 mm thick, and is additionally supported by fixed round bolts as rear grip bolts on the hinge side.You can use the anchoring option which is provided as standard and the fixing materials which are included to firmly secure the Office-Line to the floor. This anchoring offers a high level of resistance to violent break-in attempts.

The advantages of the Office-Line safe at a glance

  • Large selection of sizes and locking systems
  • Business safe with security level B
  • Modern electronics or adaptable high-security lock
  • Robust security with round bolts which are 28 mm thick
  • With internal safe and paint finish of your choice on request

Secure storage for cash, customer data and documents

The Office-Line provides a protected storage location for cash, customer data and other important documents. Due to the folder depth inside the cabinet, there is also enough space to store whole folders in it. Adjustable shelves also contribute to achieving good organisation. For even more storage space and double security, you can also request an internal safe as an additional accessory.Simple elegance: The safety cabinet comes painted light grey (RAL 7035) as standard. The control fittings are black to create a slight visual contrast. On request, your Office-Line can be painted individually according to your requirements. You can choose between RAL paints and brilliant finishes.

The Office-Line safe offers two locking systems

Choose the most secure and most practical option for you or your company from two different locking systems.

“SecuSafe” – adjustable high-security lock (K models)

The valuables safe in the K version is equipped with an adaptable, armoured “SecuSafe” high-security double-bit lock. It is VdS-tested (Class 2) and certified according to EN 1300 ECB•S (Class B). The advantage for you: If you lose a key, you can use the second key and a key set which is available separately to switch the Office-Line to a new lock. This prevents the safe from being unlocked with the lost or stolen key.The “SecuSafe” features 10 tumblers and 50 million different locks and has a forced lock function which means that the key can be removed only once the safe has been locked correctly. Please note that the lock fitting protrudes 25 mm.

“SecuTronic” – electronic combination lock with fingerprint (E FP models)

The modern “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 V FP (ECB•S-certified according to EN 1300, Class B) electronic safe stands out thanks to its clever features which provide you with security and convenience. For example, the control panel features slanted touch control with a graphic display that is illuminated in two colours. Furthermore, the sloped control panel guarantees optimal viewing even from above. You can, of course, freely select the opening code. One admin code and nine user codes are available. You can also view the opening history directly on the display. The Office-Line comes with batteries, so you can start to use your valuables safe immediately. Please note that the lock fitting protrudes 50 mm.

Opening the safe with just one fingerprint

The opening of the safe with only one fingerprint is completely new. This makes BURG-WÄCHTER currently the only manufacturer to offer a certified biometric opening method (ECB-S certified, lock class A).The “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 V FP has an opening delay (max. 99 minutes). This means: After the correct code is entered, the programmed time must elapse before the safe can be opened. Once three incorrect codes have been entered, a lock-out time is activated. This means that burglars have no chance to try lots of combinations. Furthermore, you optionally can connect the Office-Line safes to an alarm system or an alarm notification system. All these details give you even more security! In addition, software updates can be easily transferred to the safe via SD card.

OfficeLine 801 – 806 with security level B

  • Freestanding valuables safe/business safe
  • Security level B
  • Type-tested with security monitoring by ECB•S
  • Fireproof, certified burglary protection according to EN 1143-1
  • Additional security: Non-resettable double emergency locking system within the door mechanism
Locking variations
  • Adjustable, armoured high-security “SecuSafe” double-bit lock, VdS-tested (Class 2), ECB•S-certified according to EN 1300 (Class B)
  • Electronic “SecuTronic” combination lock with fingerprint module, ECB•S-certified according to EN 1300 (Class B)

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