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ZBK 72

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Cylinder ZBK 72 with two bolts: Replacement for Rombi and Knobloch letterboxes

Your letterbox lock needs to be replaced? No problem with the rightletterbox lock as an inexpensive replacement part. BURG-WÄCHTER offers separate letterbox cylinders for simple and quick self-installation.The letterbox cylinders are available in two sizes.The letterbox cylinders can be used on many letterboxes of different makes without any problems. Not only from the house of BURG-WÄCHTER.

Install cylinder ZBK 72 in just a few steps

The letterbox lock ZBK 72 is suitable for letterboxes made by Rombi and Knobloch. If the lock of your letterbox from one of these manufacturers needs to be replaced, the letterbox cylinder ZBK 72 is the right choice. After a few simple steps, your letterbox is ready for use again. The cylinder is supplied with two bolts.This way you can find the right bolt for your letterbox.Assembly tip: Note that the key is not removed during the assembly process. 

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