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Kassetten-EURO-Geldzählkassetten und Einsätze | ZK MONEY 5030 Euro

ZK MONEY 5030 Euro

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Money box Money from BURG-WÄCHTER

Would you like to lock up your jewellery, cash, other valuables or important papers? This is no problem with the Money cash box. This model is inexpensive and available in various sizes. In addition, the Money is available in different colours: green, blue, black, red or grey as well as a money box with slot and a cash box with counting insert. So you are sure to find the right model for your application.

Practical cash box for your home

The Money Cassette has several advantages. For one thing, the handle is embedded in the lid of the cash box. This makes it easy to store in cupboards or drawers. Secondly, each model is fitted with a hard cash insert as standard. This allows valuables inside to be clearly sorted.

Money box with counting insert

Furthermore, the model 5030 Euro offers a Euro counting insert for banknotes and coins. The coin insert extends automatically when the cassette is opened. The foam insert in the lid secures the coins during transport. The ZK Money 5030 Euro cash box has proven its worth for clubs and as a cash box for small events.

Cash box with combination lock

If you don't want to use a key to open your cash box, the Money Code models are just the right choice. The three-digit combination is of course freely selectable. The Money Code is available in two sizes and two colours. After the correct code has been entered, the cassette is opened by turning the knob (15 mm in front).

The Money cassette becomes a piggy bank

For small and large savers, the handy Money 5012 cash box has an insertion slot for hard cash. This turns the cash box into a piggy bank. The Money 5012 is available in three colours. To enable you to open the cash box even if you lose the key, a second key is included with every Money model.