Tresore mit Sicherheitsstufe B - sichere Tresore für den privaten Einsatz - BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD

Safes with security level B - secure safes for private use

Personal documents, IDs, valuables and mementos are present in every household. And unfortunately, often scattered throughout the house. This is because there is no central, secure place to store them. The optimal place for all these things is a safe.

Safe with security level B offers solid protection

But it doesn't have to be a massive safe. For many people, a solid safe with security level B is suitable. This is because these models also have a double-walled design, naturally offer the necessary anchoring options ex works and therefore cannot simply be taken away. Security level B is defined by the standard sheet according to VDMA 24992 (as of May 1995).

City-Line and Home-Safe models are in demand

The market proves that safes with security level B are still in demand. Customers gladly reach for these models. BURG-WÄCHTER offers a wide range of products for this security class and is able to deliver quickly and without restrictions. Private customers prefer the models of the series City-Line and Home-Safe in two sizes as well as electronic combination lock or mechanical lock. These models offer solid protection against burglary attempts and an extremely attractive price-performance ratio.