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1580 HB 165/200

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Shackle height:

Shackle height

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30% lighter than comparable models: The long shackle lock 1580 HB

The 1580 HB long shackle lock combines security and durability with a surprisingly low weight. After all, the lock weighs only 1070 grams. Cyclists will appreciate that! For comparison: Long shackle locks of comparable hardness weigh about 30 percent more than the 1580 HB.

Fully hardened steel shackle for protection

A plus point in terms of security: the 13.8 millimetre thick steel shackle is completely hardened and double-locked. This makes it twice as difficult for thieves! The entire lock is plastic-coated and therefore well equipped for any weather. The plastic coating protects the spokes and frame of your bike and other sensitive surfaces when opening and locking. Furthermore, the locking mechanism is protected from rain and dirt by a movable plastic cap. This means that you will enjoy your bicycle lock for many years.

U-lock 1580 HB with frame mount and practical shackle height

With a shackle height of 200 millimetres and a shackle width of 117.5 millimetres, you get a great deal of flexibility when it comes to securely fastening your bike. After all, you can't always find the perfect place to securely attach your bike. Furthermore, the robust U-lock is equipped with a practical holder for the frame of your bike. This means that the lock is always at hand after you have parked your bike.The 1580 HB U-lock is also ideal for other applications: For example, it can be used to secure scooters and motorbikes as well as garden tools. It is also used in the construction industry. For example, to protect expensive machines from thieves.