BURG-WÄCHTER 360 Grad Sicherheit rund um und im Haus
BURG-WÄCHTER 360 Grad Sicherheit rund um und im Haus

Security for your home and valuables

Your safety is our drive!

After the Corona pandemic, we are living more mobile lives again. The consequence: the number of burglaries in Germany is rising. In 2022, a burglary was attempted about every eight minutes. The most important protection for house and flat: well-secured windows and doors!

BURG-WÄCHTER Tag des Einbruchschutzes - erfolgreiche Einbruchsversuche

Almost half of burglars fail

Only 46.8% of burglary attempts failed in Germany in 2022. This means that the number of successful burglaries increased compared to 2021, which means that more than half of burglars are successful.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tag des Einbruchschutzes - Anzahl Einbrüche

A burglary attempt every eight minutes.

Burglary figures have increased in Germany. In 2022, 65,908 burglary attempts were recorded, an increase of more than 20 percent compared to 2021! This means that burglars strike every eight minutes.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tag des Einbruchschutzes -Schwachstelle Fenstertüren

Weak point: French door!

According to the "Cologne Study," just under half of the burglaries in single-family homes occurred via a French window.
The weakest points were windows (27.4%), front doors (18.3%) and cellars (4.5%).

BURG-WÄCHTER Tag des Einbruchschutzes -hoher materialler Schaden

High material damage.

On average, the material damage per successful burglary in Germany amounted to exactly 3,135 euros in 2022. In addition, the victims suffer the psychological consequences of the burglary.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tag des Einbruchschutzes - Einbruchschutz wirkt

Burglary protection works!

Become a "time thief" for burglars. As a rule, they then abandon their plan. This is proven by the "Cologne Study". Only 1.05% of burglars were successful when an additional security device was used.

BURG-WÄCHTER Sicherheit für die ganze Familie
BURG-WÄCHTER Sicherheit für die ganze Familie


This is how you secure your home.

A secure house is only as secure as the weakest link in the security concept. That is why it is important to offer burglars as few points of attack as possible. We show examples of how you can perfectly protect your house or apartment from burglars.

BURG-WÄCHTER Einbruchschutz rund um das ganze Haus

Windows and French windows are the main points of attack.

Additional security devices make it more difficult to break open/pry open windows and doors. The retrofitting of the WinSafe series is KfW-supported.

A safe secures valuables and papers

If the worst comes to the worst, valuables and important documents are stored just right in a safe. Important: The safe must be firmly anchored.

Lost, lent, forgotten your key?

With an electronic door lock, you always have your key with you! Convenient opening via code, finger scan, smartphone or transponder.

The BURGsmart PROTECT smart home system.

The smart alarm system registers uninvited guests. The siren has a volume of 90 decibels. This noise beats any burglar into flight.

Video technology: always everything in view!

The use of video technology not only deters burglars, but also secures evidence for the police. Practical: remote access via smartphone app.

Show product Smart home and video surveillance: your security always at hand

Smart home and video surveillance: your security always at hand

Your home always in view: With smart home and video surveillance
Innovatively networked. For more security! With our smart home alarm systems of the series BURGsmart PROTECT and the modern Video surveillance you can easily keep an eye on your home via smartphone using the free secuENTRY KeyApp.
Show product A Smartlock combines secure and convenient door opening

A Smartlock combines secure and convenient door opening

A Smartlock combines secure and convenient door opening.

Now open your front door or apartment door even more conveniently. With a secuENTRY Smartlock, you no longer need a key. Open by code, fingerprint, smartphone or transponder. And if you like, even remotely via the secuENTRY Bridge.

To the secuENTRY series

Show product Secure windows and doors
Secure windows and doors
Secure windows and doors

Secure windows and doors

Securing windows and doors properly

More than 80 percent of burglars enter the house through French doors and windows. If additional security devices are used, however, burglars have little chance. Secure your home with the excellent Win-Safe security devices from BURG-WÄCHTER. The Double deadbolt WS 22 and the Handle side security WS 33 were awarded the top grade "very good" by "Stiftung Warentest".

How to secure windows and doors!

Show product A safe secures your valuables and papers

A safe secures your valuables and papers

A high-quality safe secures your valuables and papers

Whether jewelry, important papers or special memories: In every home and in every company there are things that need to be kept safe. Exclusively BURG-WÄCHTER offers for many models the certified comfort opening with only one fingerprint or optionally by numeric code. So you always have your "safe key" with you.

We have the right safe for every application. You choose between a compact Furniture safean extra-strong Strongroom safe or one Fire safe with certified fire protection. Of course, hunters and sport shooters will also find the appropriate Gun safes.

All safes at a glance

Show product Safety for wheels, garden and tools

Safety for wheels, garden and tools

Security for wheels, garden and tools

Bicycles with or without E-support, garden furniture and tools are not only expensive, but have long been a sought-after target for thieves. Because more and more burglars are looking for their loot in gardens or cellars. With high-quality Locks, Ropes and chains you secure all items easily and conveniently.

All locks at a glance!

Show product Secure deliveries with parcel boxes and mailboxes

Secure deliveries with parcel boxes and mailboxes

Secure deliveries with parcel boxes and mailboxes

Whether spacious parcel box or compact letter box: At BURG-WÄCHTER you will find a large selection of the highest quality. Of course in different materials and colors. A real classic is the mailboxes made of stainless steel. More and more popular are the models made of high quality plastic. Brand new is the Parcel box eBoxx EASY+. With it you get any package delivered directly.

Here you will find the right letter box!

BURG-WÄCHTER 360° Sicherheit - das virtuelle BURG-WÄCHTER Haus
BURG-WÄCHTER 360° Sicherheit für Ihr Haus und Eigentum - das virtuelle BURG-WÄCHTER Haus

Virtual showroom - 360° security

Discover our products for your safety

Well advised with security.

Competent advice + top products = more security!
The personal safety of each individual is a sensitive issue. And one that requires a great deal of consultation! Our partners will be happy to advise you and can assess exactly which products you need for your individual security.
Of course, you can also get competent advice from the police crime prevention offices. After all, who knows better about current dangers and burglary trends than the police? BURG-WÄCHTER has been a premium partner of the police crime prevention for many years. The offices provide an indispensable service in matters of security. Get advice there so that the weak points in your house or apartment do not become a welcome invitation for burglars!

BURG-WÄCHTER Einbruchschutz während des Urlaubs

Your safety checklist

Every second burglary attempt is successful. But it is not difficult to protect your home effectively. With our practical checklist, you can check which points you should pay attention to when you are away from home for a longer period of time.