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eBoxx E 635 ANT


eBoxx A 625 ANT


eBoxx GV 645 W


eBoxx GV 644 S ANT


eBoxx E 634 S ANT


Experience & Quality

Experience in letter box construction since 1975
A good high quality letter box has to withstand many weather conditions over many years. BURG-WÄCHTER have experience of manufacturing mailboxes for over 40 years, paying attention to the durability of our models and details such as the opening stop hold to make your everyday life easier.

How to find the right Letter box
Coloured or glossy? Mounting to the wall, the fence or as a free standing model? With or without a newspaper holder? For a family home or rental property as a letterbox system? With our large selection, everyone will find the right postbox. For those who receive one or more parcels, there's the eBoxx EASY+ parcel box. With it, you can be reached 24 hours a day by all parcel services and other suppliers - even when you're not at home.

What should your letter box look like?
The route to the perfect mail or parcel box begins with the material choice. A stainless steel letter box is rust-proof, is very easy to maintain and complements every front garden as a noble design object. More and more customers are turning to a plastic model: mailboxes made of high-quality plastic are easy to clean, durable and also score points with a wide range of colours available. A classic choice is the robust cast-iron letter box. Alternately, the steel mailbox is galvanised over its entire surface which reliably protects against wind and weather.