Cleverly combined

Modular parcel box systems

For apartment buildings, commercial properties and office buildings

The volume of parcels is continuously growing. With the eBoxx parcel box systems, BURG-WÄCHTER offers the solution for all landlords and home owners. Whether for apartment buildings, residential complexes or offices.

Online retail is booming as more parcels are sent and received every year. Recipients are not only private individuals, but increasingly companies and self-employed persons. The eBoxx parcel box system offers the solution for landlords / tenants of apartment buildings, residential complexes and offices ensuring first-time delivery is now possible.

BURG-WÄCHTER has been developing and producing high-quality letter boxes and parcel boxes for 45 years. You can choose between mechanical (eBoxx E 634) and electronic versions (eBoxx EASY+ E 635).

Paketbox Paketbox-Anlage mit zwei Paketboxen und zwei BriefkästenPaketbox Paketbox-Anlage mit zwei Paketboxen und zwei Briefkästen
Show product Combine a post box with your parcel box
eBoxx letterbox A 625
eBoxx letterbox A 625

Combine a post box with your parcel box

Cleverly combined: Parcel box with letterbox 

The eBoxx EASY+ (model E) can be supplemented with either one or two letterboxes, which are fitted exactly onto the parcel box. This means you no longer need a separate letterbox.

Briefkasten-Aufsatz eBoxx EASY+

Show product eBoxx EASY+ E 635
eBoxx EASY+ E 635
eBoxx EASY+ E 635

eBoxx EASY+ E 635

eBoxx EASY+ E 635
The electronic parcel box: The eBoxx EASY+ E 635 model is opened and closed by code. This even makes multiple deliveries possible.

Show product Traverse eBoxx EASY+
Traverse Terzo
Traverse Terzo

Traverse eBoxx EASY+

Traverse Terzo
For a stand assembly with up to six parcel boxes and mailboxes, the traverse provides the necessary stability.

Show product Terzo post eBoxx EASY+

Terzo post eBoxx EASY+

Terzo Pfosten eBoxx Easy

Set in concrete or on foot
No matter which mounting method you choose - with the Terzo posts your system will stand bombproof. With the choice of post mounting, you can also adapt to your structural conditions here - set in concrete or with a matching Terzo foot. This makes it possible to install the system at your preferred location.
BURG-WÄCHTER Paketbox eBoxx EASY+ Paketdienst scannt Paket

Easy to use

Simple and controlled delivery

Delivery to your box is really easy and only takes 3 simple steps; open door; deposit the package; press the button. To remove your parcels just enter your personal code. Reliance on neighbours is no longer needed.

BURG-WÄCHTER Paketbox eBoxx EASY+ mit Wasserkasten

Safe and secure

Deliveries are stored securely in the parcel box

Whether it's the latest gadget or a birthday gift, all deliveries are deposited securely in your parcel box. Once delivered, it is robustly locked and can only be opened with a personal six-digit code. The maximum load capacity is 50 kilograms, depending on the model and mounting method..


From parcel service to local pharmacy: the eBoxx is the parcel box for universal use.

Control panel shows 4 step easy operation
Step 1. Press START button
Step 2. Open parcel compartment
Step 3. Insert delivery and close parcel compartment
Step 4. Press END button
Your parcel is securely stored

Of course, it is not only parcel services can use the eBoxx EASY+. The local pharmacist, for example, can also deposit their deliveries in the parcel box. To open the eBoxx EASY+ simply use your personal user code and remove the parcels.

Single handed operation

Whether for two, three, four or more residential units or for office communities: When mounted on stands, up to six units of parcel box and letter box can be installed. With wall or floor mounting
even more parcel boxes and letter boxes can be combined into
one system.

One for all

Both the mechanical eBoxx and the electronic eBoxx EASY+ variant (models E in each case) can be supplemented with either one or two Letter boxes per box. This means you no longer need a separate letter box. The letter boxes can be mounted exactly above or below the parcel box.

No power connection necessary!

Even the EASY+ electronic version does not require a power connection. Simply insert the batteries and get started. This eliminates the need for expensive and usually time-consuming earthworks.

Clear and easy to use.

Delivery staff only need a few moments to securely deliver a parcel; owners of an eBoxx EASY+ simply use their personal code to remove their delivery. With the mechanical model, your tenants simply open and close the parcel box in the classic way with the key.

All in one hand.

With the EASY+ electronic version, setting up the package system is child's play with the free BURGsmart App for iOS and Android.

Simply fitting

Our eBoxx parcel boxes are designed for many years of use and offer a high quality build, stability and durability. Flexible mounting options ensure optimal placement and ergonomics. BURG-WÄCHTER has been developing and producing high-quality mailboxes since 1975. Every eBoxx has 45 years of “made in Germany” manufacturing experience built-in.

The eBoxx parcel boxes are manufactured with extreme precision - laser welding and base reinforcement ensure extreme robustness.
A particularly smooth and precise door opening ensures that the doors close exactly, even after long-term use. An integrated rain drainage system protects deliveries and mail from getting wet.

Thanks to sophisticated combinations and various installation options, our parcel systems can be adapted to your individual requirements.


The eBoxx is well protected against vandalism. With a pulling force of security level 3 (30 kg) according to TS 16819, the parcel box offers extremely robust protection.

Child lock

The eBoxx has an emergency opening option from the inside as a child safety device and a ventilation system.


Burglary protection

The optional mailbox also meets the highest requirements. The built-in lock reduces the risk of breaking open in accordance with standard EN 13724 (security level 2).

Weather protection

The weather resistance was tested in a sprinkling tester and confirmed according to TS 16819 (corrosion class 3)


Made in Germany

Our parcel boxes stand for quality "Made in Germany". The eBoxx is the result of many years of experience in the development and production of letter boxes and other security products..

Size is important

Parcel box systems have ergonomic and user friendly design, promoting easy operation.

The parcel box systems all share a thoughtful ergonomic design, ensuring optimum space for parcels & mail and lock are easily accessible. Our pedestal systems whether set in concrete or screwed to the ground, are designed so that they automatically comply with the corresponding DIN EN 13724 standard when professionally installed.

Floor, wall and stand systems

Full flexibility for your parcel box system: You decide how many boxes should be combined together for floor or wall mounting. You have the choice between an infinite number of combinations. With free-standing assembly on stands, up to six parcel boxes can be combined as a system.

Parcel boxes are pre-prepared for all types of assembly. This makes assembly faster and easier.

Decide how many parcel boxes you want to arrange next to and below each other and supplement these with the addition of mailboxes. This provides a parcel box and post system that is perfectly tailored to your apartment or office building.

Our eBoxx plant system

One module system, various possibilities: with the eBoxx you implement your particular requirements. No matter which mounting method you choose and how many modules are configured into a system, the components are perfectly matched to each other.
Elegant, light-footed and always at the right height: The parcel box system with Terzo posts allows a free-standing installation as desired. The eBoxx parcel box systems with Terzo posts offer various possibilities for modular combination of the required parcel boxes.

The smallest system consists of two parcel boxes. You can choose whether the models are mounted above or next to each other. Up to six parcel boxes can be combined to a stand system with the Terzo posts and the Terzo crossbar. For the combination of a parcel box system consisting of two parcel boxes mounted on top of each other, you do not need a>
The letterbox A is also the optimal addition for stand mounting. This turns your parcel box system into a modern multifunctional letter and parcel system. The letterbox fits exactly on or under the eBoxxes.

In addition to maximum flexibility in the number of eBoxxes used, mounting on the wall offers another advantage: as you decide where and at what height the models are mounted. This means that your residents always have optimum access to the parcel box and mailbox.

When mounted on the ground, the raised installation makes use more convenient.

Selection of system modules with 2 boxes

Selection of system modules with 3 boxes

Selection of system modules with 4, 5 or 6 boxes