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ENTRYeasy + 5651 PIN

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Never lose your key again - secuENTRY easy plus 5651 pin code

You've just taken the door handle out of your hand when you already know: "Crap, I've left my key in the flat!" A stupid, but unfortunately also everyday situation. The secuENTRY easy plus 5651 pincode electronic door lock from BURG-WÄCHTER provides a remedy. It can be opened very conveniently: via code, smartphone, passive transponder or active transponder. And the secuENTRY easy plus 5651 pincode even goes one step further. With a mechanical emergency opening, the system also offers another opening option that is in demand on the market.

In a set with passive transponder

The secuENTRY easy plus sets consist of the electronic locking cylinder, the keypad for outdoor use and a passive transponder. It is precisely this transponder that has proven its worth due to its flexible use. Opening authorisations can be assigned or deleted via the keypad or the optional software. For example, if a passive transponder is lost. This prevents unauthorised persons from entering your home. The software also offers many other functions such as: User administration, assignment of rights, reading out the history (last 2000 posts).

No need to take measurements: secuENTRY easy plus cylinders fit all doors up to 120 millimetres in size

Conversion to the new system is very simple: After loosening the door forend screw, the old mechanical door cylinder is removed and the new secuENTRY easy plus cylinder is inserted. The cylinder is then adjusted to the respective door thickness and fixed in place using the latching system. The installation is done. No cables need to be pulled. A network connection is not necessary either. It couldn't be simpler! Of course, the required batteries are included in the scope of delivery. The keypad with protection class IP65 is ideally suited for outdoor use. The radio range between cylinder and keypad is approx. four metres.

Secure data transmission with the secuENTRY easy plus 5651 pin code

The big advantage: The cylinder can be adapted to all door thicknesses up to a maximum of 120 millimetres. This eliminates the need to take measurements and search for the right cylinder. This saves time. Furthermore, the secuENTRY easy plus system can be re-installed in the new front door when moving house. The data is securely transmitted between the keypad and the cylinder via Bluetooth 4.0 with AES encryption. So there is no need to worry about the opening data being read out.

Accessories and spare parts

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