4003482379608-5-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-6-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-7-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-8-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-9-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-10-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-11-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-12-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-13-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-14-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-15-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-16-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-17-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-18-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-19-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-20-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-21-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-22-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-23-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482379608-24-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD

Tresore-Zubehör Tresore | Innentresor für MTD F60

Interior safe for MTD F60

SKU: 4003482379608



Quantity: pc

Doubly secure: the interior safe for the Diplomat MTD safe

With the interior safe for the Diplomat safe, you can keep valuables and important documents doubly safe. The interior safe can be integrated into the MTD models 760 and 780. The Diplomat interior safe has a volume of 23 litres and thus offers plenty of space for your personal treasures.

Interior safe with high-quality cylinder lock

The interior safe is permanently mounted in the Diplomat safes and thus offers a high level of protection against forced removal. The external dimensions (H x W x D) of the inner safe are 180 x 370 x 260 mm. The interior safe is delivered in the standard colour white, corresponding to the shelves. Optionally, the interior safe can be painted in the colour of your choice for an additional charge. The interior safe is equipped with a high-quality cylinder lock and is supplied with two keys.