4003482403808-9-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-10-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-11-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-12-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-13-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-14-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-15-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-16-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-17-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-18-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-19-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-20-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-21-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-22-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-23-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-24-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-25-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-26-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-27-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-28-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-29-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-30-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-31-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-32-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-33-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-34-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-35-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-36-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-37-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-38-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-39-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-40-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-41-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-42-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-43-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-44-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-45-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-46-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-47-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD
4003482403808-48-BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD

Tresore-Zubehör Tresore | KWH 5


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KWH 5 handgun holder for easy storage

Whether you have a safe or gun cabinet, with the KWH 5 handgun holder, every gun will be safely stored. With the handgun holder you can store up to five handguns separately from other contents in your safe. After all, handguns of course need to be stored in a safe place and cannot be freely accessible to unauthorized people.The KWH 5 consists of two sturdy foam parts that you simply put together. Thanks to the two integrated adhesive strips, you can fix the holder securely in the safe or gun cabinet. It only takes a few seconds to put it together and fasten it. Afterwards, handguns of different sizes can be stored in your safe and are stored in a permanently upright position.

Fits perfectly for the Magno short gun safe

The KWH 5 handgun holder is ideally suited for use in our Magno M 520 and Magno M 540 small weapon safes. It can also be used with all other safes with a resistance grade of 0 (N) or higher.Thanks to the robust construction of the foam parts, the KWH 5 has a long service life. In addition, the solid-coloured black foam is insensitive to stains and dirt. So that you can use the KWH 5 handgun holder for many years without any problems.

The KWH 5 handgun holder at a glance

  • For up to five handguns 
  • Made of robust foam; material insensitive to stains or dirt
  • Use in safes with at least resistance grade 0 (N) such as Magno or the safe series Karat and Diplomat (resistance grade I)
  • Dimensions in mm: 130 height x 335 width x 230 depth
  • Weight of the handgun holder: approx. 160 grams (subject to slight variations in dimensions or weight)