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PS 130 E LAP KA 4

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Hotel safe Pure-Safe for the security and comfort of your guests

Hotel safes are an essential element for increasing the security and comfort of your guests in guesthouses and hotels. A hotel safe not only offers protection for valuables, papers, notebooks, tablets and cameras, but also conveys the nice feeling of security. This creates a relaxed and carefree atmosphere for a carefree holiday.

Choose between three models

The Pure-Safe hotel safe is available in three different model variants. Two models in the classic safe design with an interior volume of 6.7 litres (model PS 110 E KA 3) or 40.3 litres (model PS 130 E KA 4) offer a choice of two different sizes. The third model, PS 130 E LAP KA 4, is a special notebook model. It has a flat design and offers space for laptops, tablets and important documents in a file folder. The Pure-Safe PS 130 E KA 4 also offers folder depth and has a removable shelf.

Protection for valuables with Pure-Safe hotel safe

The solid single-walled body and the double-walled door of the Pure-Safe hotel safe reliably protect your guests' valuables. The models are equipped with reinforced locking bolts and drill protection, which ensures additional security.The Pure-Safe hotel safes are prepared for wall and floor mounting. Two rear wall holes are drilled halfway up and two floor holes halfway down to securely screw the safe to the wall and floor. Thanks to the compact design, the hotel safes can be installed in cupboards, desks and other furniture to provide optimum protection against theft.

Convenient operation for hotelier and guest

All Pure-Safe hotel safes have a modern electronic combination lock with an easy-to-read display. Each guest can select their own six-digit code and change it as required. Operation is explained in a simple quick guide to ensure trouble-free use. Hoteliers do not have to memorise a code for each room, as there is one overarching general code for all models. This allows the hotelier to open the Pure safe if a guest forgets the code.The safe door opens automatically after the code is entered, allowing guests to conveniently place and remove their valuables and documents. Operation of the safe requires no power supply as four batteries are included in the scope of delivery.

Modern electronics of the Pure-Safe hotel safe

The Pure-Safe hotel safes are equipped with a modern, electronic code lock whose electronics are flush-mounted in the safe door. This enables space-saving integration in furniture. The most important features at a glance:
  • Modern, easily programmable electronic lock
  • Convenient handling thanks to motorised locking and automatic door opening
  • Various opening methods: General code for the hotelier, changeable user code for the guest
  • Comprehensible quick guide for the guest
  • Haptic feedback when the button is pressed
  • Clear and easy-to-read display
  • Additional lock for emergency opening in keyed alike (PS 110 E KA 3 and PS 130 E KA 4)
  • Battery operation with 1.5 V Mignon (including 4 batteries)

Other Pure-Safe models

In addition to the hotel safes, the Pure-Safe is also available in other model variants. You can choose from ten different classic safes, wall safes or models with insertion slot. A document cabinet is a suitable choice for securing documents and valuables in the back office of hotels and guesthouses. 

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