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SA 1180 SB

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With the security anchor, everything stays in place!

High-quality e-bikes, scooters or garden furniture are sought-after stolen goods. To prevent them - if not securely connected - from being simply stolen and locks from being picked elsewhere, the solid security anchor protects against theft. It offers extra security and is easy to install. So that in future you can securely fix your belongings with the floor anchor and a rope or chain lock.

Combination of several ground anchors possible

You can also use the safety anchor to create a protected place for ladders, construction site or garden equipment. At the same time, you can combine several ground anchors. For example, to create a bicycle parking space. Of course, the safety anchor can not only be fixed in the ground, but also in the wall.

Choice between safety anchor 1180 and 1280

For the ground anchor, you have a choice between two different models. The SA1180 security anchor has a hardened steel plate and bracket as well as 6 mm tamper-proof and concealed anchor bolts. You can secure your objects with a rope lock or padlock.Furthermore, the even more solid and larger SA1280 security anchor has a 6 mm thick, hardened steel plate. This gives your objects a safe "anchoring place" outdoors. You anchor the model with 10 mm strong tamper-proof bolts. The arch of the ground anchor can be used to connect it with a chain lock or shackle lock.

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