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Snap+Lock 715/135 SB

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Snap+Lock 715 - The security cable in two lengths with integrated combination lock.

Quickly secure your luggage, sports equipment or pram. That's exactly what the Snap+Lock 715 cable lock is for. With the four-digit combination lock, you can lock all your items. This way, they are secured against being taken away or casual theft. Of course, you can freely choose the combination and adjust it at any time.

Compact combination lock: cable retracts completely at the touch of a button

The cable lock is available in two lengths. 90 (cable diameter 3.0 mm) and 135 centimetres (cable diameter 2.4 mm). This means you can find the right model for your individual application. The compact packing size is particularly practical. The cable can be retracted at the push of a button. The lock has an overall size of only 95 x 67 mm.