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Die Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration

Interessierst Du dich für Informatik und bringst jeden PC wieder zum Laufen? Eine Karriere als Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration oder in einer anderen Bereichsrichtung kann zu einer bedeutenden Position in der IT-Abteilung von Firmen oder Behörden führen. Erfahre mehr über eine Ausbildung bei BURG-WÄCHTER.
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Training as an IT specialist for system integration

Key points of the training programme for IT specialist for system integration

  • Training period: 3 years + possibility of shortening
  • Management of software components - planning to maintenance
  • Technical understanding
  • Patient and service-oriented
  • Communicative

The training consists of a theoretical and practical part, which is why they are also called dual training. You will be taught the theoretical basics at vocational school and learn the practical skills in the company.

The duration of training is 3 years and can be shortened with appropriate qualifications. This can be agreed upon before the start of the training or submitted during the course of the training.

Are you interested in computer science and can get any PC up and running again? A career as an IT specialist for system integration or in another field can lead to a significant position in the IT department of companies or public authorities. IT specialists for system integration ensure that all existing software and hardware components are well connected so that all digital processes run smoothly. English language skills are an advantage so that you can operate all the programmes.

Nowadays, public authorities and companies rely heavily on a functioning IT system. They usually form their own departments that deal exclusively with the procurement, implementation or even programming of hardware and software components. The occupation of IT specialist is divided into four areas altogether:

  • IT specialist for system integration
  • IT specialist for application development
  • IT specialist for data and process analysis
  • IT specialist for digital networking

The focus within the training for an IT specialist for system integration is on the conception and realisation of an entire IT system and the associated configuration of networks. You learn how to select and integrate external providers. This can be the case when solving compatibility problems or transferring existing data into the system. You also learn how to design and carry out a system test.

The specialised content taught also includes the administration of all necessary hardware and software components. The creation of guidelines, the administration of licence rights and the analysis of user requests are some examples of this. As an IT specialist for system integration, you will often look after an IT system for several years and thus acquire knowledge in the planning of system recovery and data backup procedures as well as in the proper monitoring and archiving of all IT resources. Already during the apprenticeship, it is possible to specialise in topics such as radio networks or data centre operation, in accordance with the apprenticeship company.


This is what a potential working day as an IT specialist for system integration could look like for you:

Planning and development phase: First, the requirements for the information and communication solutions to be installed must be clarified by your employer. Is it necessary to buy and configure new computers or is it just a connection between them? Should the systems be expanded later? You have an understanding of the technical possibilities and offer support in selecting the necessary software and hardware components.

Implementation: You set up new computers and systems, connect them to each other and to the server as well as to other devices such as printers and production equipment. You open devices, connect them to the Internet and check the connection between the individual components of the IT system.

Support: As an IT specialist for system integration, you are responsible for creating instructions and documentation for all users. In addition, you provide training to the company's employees on how to operate the systems and explain all relevant functions of the networks.

Administration: Your job is to ensure that the various components work together smoothly, to make adjustments and extensions as needed, to update operating systems and to install new software if necessary. You keep up to date with the latest market trends and know which IT trends could be beneficial for your employer.

Security: Your responsibilities also include security. As a system administrator, you will install firewalls, filtering or antivirus programs to prevent illegal access and ensure that data is transmitted in encrypted form. You are able to recognise malware and know effective measures to defend against cyberattacks.

IT support: You are the first contact person in case of problems with the system. Your colleague can no longer start his PC or check his e-mails? Then you immediately start investigating the causes, diagnosing the problem and immediately rectifying any errors. If necessary, you can also offer IT support from outside. Support also includes user training, for example when a new programme is introduced. Your task is to show the employees the application and to plan and organise the training in advance.

About us

BURG-WÄCHTER was founded in 1920. The family business is based in Wetter an der Ruhr in the southern Ruhr area, where administration and sales are located. The production headquarters as well as our research and development department, purchasing, training centre and central warehouse are located in Meinerzhagen in the western Sauerland region.

For more than 100 years, we have been a leading supplier of security technology and offer our customers security products for home and on the road. Safes, electronic door locks, alarm systems, smart home, cameras, but also Letter boxes, padlocks and bicycle locks are part of our extensive product portfolio.

We are represented by our own subsidiaries in the major European markets. We have established our own locations in France, England, Romania and China. That's why we also take responsibility outside Germany and are committed to good working conditions and fair pay.

Since 1920, we have been producing by people for people. We always keep in mind that the issue of safety is a very personal one for everyone, with individual requirements.
We want to meet these requirements with the highest quality. Quality "Made in Germany".

What you bring with you:

  • Secondary school leaving certificate / technical secondary school leaving certificate or technical college leaving certificate
  • Fun with maths and English
  • Previous knowledge in the field of computer science
    • Technical understanding
    • Programming languages
  • Ability to work under pressure, flexibility, patience; diligence
  • Ability to work in a team, strong communication skills, service orientation

We offer:

  • Attractive training allowance
  • Holiday and Christmas bonus
  • 35-hour week35-hour week
  • Flexible working hours with flexitime account
  • Up to 30 days Holiday/year
  • Reduction of training period possible
  • Employee offers and annual company events
  • Intensive induction at the start of training
  • Familiar open working atmosphere

What can you do after training?

  • Qualification for professions
    • IT specialist for system integration
    • Career opportunities
    • IT consultant
    • IT developer
    • IT security coordinator
    • Part-time Bachelor's degree, e.g. industrial engineering; business informatics

We offer this apprenticeship at our location in Meinerzhagen. Were we able to convince you? Then apply now at our personnel office:

Valbert / Meinerzhagen
Deborah Glaubitz

Note: Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration until 2025!