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Die Ausbildung zum Kaufmann / -frau eCommerce

As an e-commerce trainee, you will be involved in designing the customers' assortment, procuring the goods and presenting the offer in a sales-promoting way on online marketplaces, including online shops, social media and/or blogs.

Management Assistant eCommerce - Training

Key points of the apprenticeship - eCommerce clerk

  • Duration of training: 3 years + possibility of shortening the training period
  • Commercial area - online marketplaces
  • English language skills
  • Communicative, enthusiasm for online trends
  • Creativity and team spirit
The training consists of a theoretical and practical part, which is why they are also called dual training. You will learn the theoretical basics at vocational school and the practical skills in the company.

The duration of training is 3 years and can be shortened with appropriate qualifications. This can be agreed before the start of the training or submitted during the course of the training.

E-commerce clerks work in the commercial area of a company and get to know all departments during their training.

With the commercial clerk in e-commerce, there is a training occupation in this important sector that did not exist for a long time. Until recently, online and mail-order traders were not allowed to offer training because they did not have their own shops with a consulting situation. In the meantime, this has long since changed - after all, customers can also be advised online as in a shop, then of course via chat or telephone.

As an e-commerce clerk, you are the interface between purchasing, advertising, logistics and accounting. You help design the customers' assortment, procure the goods and present the offer in a sales-promoting way on online marketplaces, including online shops, social media and/or blogs. Communication often takes place via email or video chat, occasionally also by telephone. Furthermore, target group and product-specific online marketing is designed. This is specifically placed as an advertising measure and the success of this is evaluated.

In the field of e-commerce, one is exposed to constant changes. Therefore, one of the main tasks is to observe the changes in the sales channels, to perceive these developments and to make changes. This applies to the design of the product range, the procurement of product data and the presentation of offers.

Above all, the presentation of products is important. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the offers are presented in a user-friendly and appealing way. This makes shopping easier for the customer. Furthermore, communication with customers is important. This is how advisory discussions are held or orders and complaints are received. Targeted marketing measures make it possible to win new customers. For this purpose, user and customer data are evaluated in order to be able to successfully place advertising measures on the online channels.

Business people in e-commerce use operational key figures, among other things, to design the product range. For example, they use sales figures to define top sellers and offers that are not accepted by customers and use the findings to take targeted measures. They carry out customer value analyses and evaluate complaints, cancellations or returns. Based on the analyses, they develop measures to optimise processes and services and to increase customer satisfaction.

Tasks of a merchant in e-commerce:

Setting up online shops: One of the most important tasks of an e-commerce merchant is to select the right assortment. He is obliged to evaluate exactly which products will go down well with consumers, always keeping an eye on the target group and familiarising himself with current trends. Many decisions have to be made when setting up an online shop: Which shop software does one want to use? In which way and in which place will the goods be stored? How will shipping be carried out? The e-commerce merchant is aware of what needs to be considered offline and online.

Adding products: It is a task of the e-commerce merchant to add new products to their online shop. To achieve this, a new product is created, images and texts are uploaded and a price is set.

Analyse key figures: In online shops, advertising strategies have to be adjusted, pictures have to be exchanged or strategies have to be changed. Based on his analyses, the e-commerce merchant decides what these are. He is familiar with the most important factors in online marketing. His goal is to reduce the number of abandoned purchases and returns, to eliminate technical difficulties in the shop and to develop suitable solutions.

Process invoices: Merchants working in e-commerce also have to handle typical commercial tasks such as bookkeeping. Preparing incoming and outgoing invoices, writing offers or checking business accounts are also part of the tasks.

Developing marketing measures: Together with online marketing, e-commerce clerks create advertisements and place them in suitable places where they can be seen and possibly clicked by the shop's target group.

Maintaining customer contact: Customer contact on the job is not excluded by digital shopping channels. In e-commerce, a salesperson simply communicates with his customers online or by phone, similar to traditional retail. He helps them with problems related to the ordering process, returns or complaints.

The departments of sales, customer service, financial accounting, marketing are passed through at the Wetter/Volmarstein site. You will get to know the purchasing, work preparation and logistics departments in Meinerzhagen.

Interests that are useful for the job:

  • Interest in administrative-organisational activities
    • Compiling product data, processing e-mail traffic
    • Conscientious and structured preparation and documentation of customer and payment data
  • Interest in commercial-organisational activities
    • Calculating sales prices and developing marketing concepts
    • Obtaining offers in purchasing
  • Interest in social counselling activities
    • Customer and service-oriented response to customer enquiries by e-mail, chat or telephone

About us

BURG-WÄCHTER was founded in 1920. The family business is based in Wetter an der Ruhr in the southern Ruhr area, where administration and sales are located. The production headquarters as well as our research and development department, purchasing, training centre and central warehouse are located in Meinerzhagen in the western Sauerland region.

For more than 100 years, we have been a leading supplier of security technology and offer our customers security products for home and on the road. Safes, electronic door locks, alarm systems, smart home, cameras, but also Letter boxes, padlocks and bicycle locks are part of our extensive product portfolio.

We are represented by our own subsidiaries in the major European markets. We have established our own locations in France, England, Romania and China. That's why we also take responsibility outside Germany and are committed to good working conditions and fair pay.

Since 1920, we have been producing by people for people. We always keep in mind that the issue of safety is a very personal one for everyone, with individual requirements.
We want to meet these requirements with the highest quality. Quality "Made in Germany".

What you bring with you:

  • Secondary school leaving certificate / technical secondary school leaving certificate or entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences
  • Enjoy German, maths and English
  • Enjoy organisational processes
  • Project/process-oriented
  • Reliability, diligence, accuracy
  • Ability to work in a team, motivation, willingness to perform / quick perception, creativity
  • Enthusiasm for online trends; e-com
  • Independent work, problem-oriented
  • Negotiating skills

We offer:

  • Attractive training allowance
  • Holiday and Christmas bonus
  • 35-hour week35-hour week
  • Flexible working hours with flexitime account
  • Up to 30 days Holiday/year
  • Reduction of training period possible
  • Employee offers and annual company events
  • Intensive induction at the start of training
  • Familiar open working atmosphere

What can you do after your training?

  • Qualification for professions
    • Sales
    • E-commerce
    • Marketing
    • Social media

  • Career opportunities
    • Part-time Bachelor's degree
    • Specialist in e-commerce or further training as a retail business economist)
    • Further training with specialisations (e.g. eCommerce Manager, Online Marketing Manager, etc.)
    • We offer this apprenticeship at our location in Wetter. If we have aroused your interest, then send us your application.

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