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ENTRY easy 7602 FP

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secuENTRY easy 7602: The latest generation fingerprint smartlock 

Whether for the entrance door and side doors at home, the holiday flat or office and practice rooms: With the latest generation electronic door lock secuENTRY easy, BURG-WÄCHTER combines state-of-the-art technology with maximum convenience. Because that is exactly what users expect from a modern smart lock. Ideal for new doors. But also for retrofitting to existing doors. Because the electronic door lock can be installed in just a few minutes. So it is even suitable for rented flats. When you move house, you can simply take it with you!

You have the choice of opening methods!

At the same time, secuENTRY easy scores with the greatest possible flexibility. After all, you have the choice of how you want to open your door. Because with the secuENTRY easy FP 7602 set, you decide between:
  1. Fingerprint
  2. Code
  3. BURGsmart app (free for iOS and Android)
  4. Radio key
  5. Mechanical emergency lock
Only your front door key is no longer needed. This puts an end to searching for lost or misplaced keys. Another plus: you will never lock yourself out again or leave the key in from the inside. You are guaranteed to always have your code or fingerprint with you for authentication!

secuENTRY easy 7602 FP: even open remotely with a bridge

But that's not all: via the secuENTRY Bridge you can even open your door remotely. And from anywhere in the world. The bridge converts the signal sent via the app into an opening signal. This allows friends or relatives to enter or a tradesman to enter the house. Also ideal for a holiday home or flat in the city. This eliminates the time-consuming handover of keys. The code for the guest can easily be deleted again remotely after the end of the holiday. Simply create a new code for the next guest.

Easy installation without taking measurements: Adjustable cylinder for all front doors

Assembly is also very simple - secuENTRY easy. After all, neither drilling nor pulling cables is necessary. You don't need a network connection either. What's more, the existing fittings remain intact. In addition, the electronic door cylinder fits almost all front doors. And that without taking measurements! Thanks to the precisely adjustable latching system, you can mount the secuENTRY easy door lock on alldoors up to a maximum thickness of 118 mm (59/59). For comparison: a normal front door is usually about 65-70 mm thick.

Just 5 steps: How to install secuENTRY easy 7602 FP

  1. You loosen the faceplate screw on the inside of the door. Then remove the old cylinder.
  2. You insert the new secuENTRY easy door cylinder.
  3. Using the latching system, you adjust the cylinder to fit your door thickness (up to 118 mm) and insert the supplied batteries into the knob and keypad.
  4. You attach the keypad to the outside. To do this, use the supplied adhesive pads or screws (range: max. four metres.). 
  5. You programme the users for opening by finger scan, code or radio key (sE-Key 7713) via the BURGsmart app. Done!

Thanks to modern Bluetooth technology 5.2: Smartlock secure and modern

In terms of security, the Smartlock convinces with the modern Bluetooth 5.2 standard. The technology is extremely energy-saving and secure thanks to AES encryption. The range of the Bluetooth signal is about four metres. Consequently, there should be no greater distance between the keypad and the door lock.

Save up to 30 users with the BURGsmart app

With the free BURGsmart app, you can programme up to 30 users and 15 locks. So ideal for families, small businesses and practices. Larger companies or authorities can even register up to 2,000 users with the optionally available PC software, including 300 fingerprint users.

Perform all settings and open the door via app 

The individual access codes are also issued via the free BURGsmart app . The same applies to the registration of radio keys. In addition, you can use the app to conveniently manage the various users, check the locking history and give or revoke usage rights. And don't forget: you can also use the app to open the door. This turns your smartphone into a key!

Customised time functions

Thanks to the BURGsmart app, your secuENTRY easy Smartlock can do even more. You can use it to assign time-limited user codes. This could be a code for the company cleaner. Or access for care staff (see video tutorial). The access code is not valid outside the defined time period (e.g. Thursdays between 9am and 12pm). Of course, you can also specify longer periods such as holiday periods in the app, during which no access is possible for the user.

Permanent opening also possible

In addition, the secuENTRY easy Smartlock offers permanent opening. This means you don't have to keep going to the door during a party. The door cylinder can then be opened permanently from the outside. You determine the desired period of permanent opening in the BURGsmart app. (Video tutorial on the party function.)

Ready to go: With the secuENTRY easy FP 7602 set

The latest generation secuENTRY easy FP 7602 set includes: the electronic secuENTRY easy cylinder, a secuENTRY Fingerprint keypad, batteries, installation accessories, operating and installation instructions, two emergency keys, adapter for optimum fixing of the cylinder in the door. So that you can start directly into your new "key freedom"! 

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