Briefkästen-Paketempfangsboxen | eBoxx A 625

eBoxx A 625 W

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The A 625 letterbox for your eBoxx EASY+ parcel box

A parcel box is extremely practical. Because with it you receive all deliveries, even when you are not at home. Combining it with a letterbox is even more convenient. Because then you no longer need your separate letterbox.

Easy to assemble

That's exactly what the A 625 letterbox is designed for. It fits perfectly with the BURG-WÄCHTER eBoxx EASY+ E 635 parcel box. Like the parcel box, the letterbox is available in anthracite and silver. Installation is very simple. Simply use the factory-set drill points and fix them in place with the supplied mounting material. Up to two A 625 letterboxes can be mounted on each parcel box.

Letterbox A 625 with large slot and opening stop

The letterbox is made of galvanised steel and has a high-quality coating. This results in a high resistance to weathering. The slot holds mail up to DIN C4 format. Thanks to the opening stop, you can remove the mail extremely conveniently. The A 625 letterbox is equipped with a high-quality cylinder lock and a name window.

Properties | Recommendations for use

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