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ENTRY Home 5000 CYL

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Opening doors conveniently and smartly: with the secuENTRY home door cylinder!

What do we always have with us these days? Of course, the smartphone. And why don't we just turn it into a key? BURG-WÄCHTER makes it possible! To open your entrance door, all you need is the electronic secuENTRY home cylinder and the free Key BURGsmart App. Optionally you can also use the Pincode keypad or the radio key to open the door.

AES encryption, low power consumption

And of course, opening the door is absolutely secure. Because the Bluetooth transmission between app and cylinder is AES encrypted. At the same time, the modern Bluetooth standard 5.2 LE ensures a long range with low power consumption. This is what makes a Smartlock fun!For up to six users.

No measuring, no drilling, no cables

Only when you pull the secuENTRY home apart does it reveal its full size. Because the clever latching system is hidden inside the cylinder. The big advantage: it is not necessary to take measurements before installation. The Smartlock is suitable for all door thicknesses up to a maximum of 118 millimetres (59 mm / 59 mm). 

secuENTRY home door cylinder: A real Smartlock!

After replacing the old cylinder, you have areal Smartlock installed. You will look in vain for a clunky attachment that mechanically turns the old door cylinder. A rotary knob is attached to the inside and outside of the cylinder. This is used to open and close the entrance door. The secuENTRY home door cylinder was awarded the PLUS X Award for High Quality, Ease of Use and Functionality in 2022. 

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