Türschlosselektronik-secuENTRY Einzelkomponenten | Entry 7711 KP PIN

Entry 7711 KP PIN

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The modern keypad secuENTRY 7711 Keypad Pincode

The secuENTRY 7711 Pincode keypad uses state-of-the-art technology to make it easy to open your secuENTRY door lock by code.  

Keypad with illuminated keys

The keypad is illuminated so that you can use the secuENTRY 7711 keypad in the dark without any problems. The keypad is operated via push-buttons with a pleasant feel.

Secure data transmission with AES encryption

Of course, the transmission of your data is secure. This is ensured by the AES encryption of the data. With the secuENTRY keypad 7711, data is exchanged via the modern Bluetooth 5.2 LE standard. The range is up to four metres. The keypad is weatherproof and has protection class IP53.

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