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The eBoxx EASY+ E 635 parcel box, optionally with letterbox

Online shopping could be so easy and convenient. If it weren't for the hassle of missed deliveries. The parcel box eBoxx EASY+ from BURG-WÄCHTER "Made in Germany" is the solution. So ringing your neighbour's doorbell or standing in line at the parcel shop are finally a thing of the past.

For all parcel services and other suppliers

Because your eBoxx EASY+ E 635 parcel box accepts one or more deliveries from parcel service providers with immediate effect. Even the baker next door, the organic farmer or the beverage supplier can deposit their orders simply and securely in the parcel box. By the way: A power connection is not necessary. The parcel box works with the batteries supplied. The eBoxx EASY+ GV 635 parcel box has a volume of 98 litres and is available in white and anthracite. Optionally with matching top-mounted letterbox (model A). Of course, the EBoxx EASY+ is not only designed for single-family homes. Because up to six parcel boxes can be optimally combined as a system for apartment buildings or blocks of flats.

How the eBoxx EASY+ works

Parcel delivery companies will love you. Because in future, delivery staff will only need a few moments to deposit a delivery securely in your eBoxx EASY+ parcel box. This is how it works: Simply press the START button on the control panel, open the parcel compartment, insert the delivery and close the parcel compartment, press the END button. Your parcel is safely stowed away! Of course, it is also very easy for you to operate: You simply open the parcel box with your personal user code and remove one or more parcels at once.

Parcel box eBoxx EASY+ for one or more deliveries

Of course, you can also receive several parcels from different service providers on the same day. This is exactly what the clever "multiple delivery" feature makes possible. The parcel carrier or personal delivery person enters the code you have assigned to open the parcel box on the control panel and deposits the goods. This is because it is of course securely locked after the first delivery and can only be opened with a valid code.

With the Parcel Box, you have full control

You decide who is allowed to open the Parcel Box for multiple deliveries. Because a personal code is required for this. You create these yourself with the free BURGsmart App for iOS and Android. At the touch of a button, you send the codes to your parcel box via Bluetooth. Of course, you can change all codes at any time.

These codes are available:

  • User code: Your personal code for opening the eBoxx EASY+ and managing delivery person and one-time codes.
  • Delivery person code: Fixed code with permanent validity for regular suppliers (e.g. parcel services, beverage retailers, online shops). You store the code under delivery authorisations for the respective service provider. You can assign a maximum of 20 delivery codes.
  • One-time code: Codes with one-time validity, e.g. for relatives, neighbours or the baker with the Sunday rolls. You can assign an unlimited number of one-time codes.
  • Administrator code: Authorises higher-level functions such as setting up the parcel box, managing the user code and functions such as installing firmware updates. Property managers also need the code to set up Parcel Box installations. However, the parcel box cannot be opened with the administrator code.

The eBoxx EASY+ E 635 parcel box optionally with letterbox

The combination of the parcel box with the matching letterbox as an attachment is extremely practical. This means you no longer need a separate letterbox. Of course, the eBoxx letterbox fits exactly on the parcel box. Furthermore, the eBoxx EASY+ model E can be combined with up to two letterboxes.

Free-standing mounting with stand, on the floor or on the wall

The parcel box is pre-prepared (marking of drilling points) for stand, wall and floor mounting. If you would like to mount your parcel box with a stand, these options are available.

For setting in concrete:

  • Universal eBoxx Ni in stainless steel
  • Terzo eBoxx in anthracite or white

Fastening to stands:

  • Terzo cast feet for Terzo stand

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Accessories and spare parts

Terzo V11-170 W

3 colors available

Base V11-F W

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Universal 150 eBoxx NI

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