Network cameras from BURG-GUARD - always one step ahead

Product variety - for beginners to professionals and those who are on their way there

We offer you a variety of cameras for the most diverse purposes and customer requirements. With us you will find everything for the small budget up to high-resolution thermal cameras for high security requirements in projects.

Intelligent solutions and diverse applications

Thanks to integrated video analysis combined with artificial intelligence (AI), the latest models have an increased level of security and a minimal false alarm rate. Systems with BURGaiva (AI) can be used for a wide range of applications, with the highest level of cost-effectiveness.

Favor Series

The basis for professional installations

All-rounder for basic video security technology with optimised performance spectrum and good image quality day and night.

Royal series

For projects with industry and authorities

For increased demands in resolution, image quality, near- and far-field monitoring, AI video analysis and alarm-event linking.

Diamond series

High-end solutions for projects

Intelligent AI functions for number plate recognition, facial recognition and business intelligence are among the features of the high-end systems, which can also be used for targeted alerting by means of special video analyses and provide excellent images during the day and at night.



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