New keyless experience


Smarter access control

Keys are easily lost or never handy when needed, however the smartphone is our constant companion. Turn your smartphone into a key with The Smart lock secuENTRY Home from BURG-WÄCHTER.
With secuENTRY Home, your smartphone becomes your key! All you need is the electronic secuENTRY Home locking cylinder and the free secuENTRY KeyApp. Thanks to state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology 5.2, the Smartlock is absolutely secure. Installation is easily done, without measuring, drilling or pulling cables.

Popping out with the dog

No key needed

Smart door opening - only the secuENTRY Home cylinder and the free secuENTRY KeyApp are needed for your key freedom.

Children don’t have a key? No problem

No keys required when your smartphone is handy.

Universal cylinder size can be adjusted, without the need for measurements first. Suitable for all house and apartment doors up to 118mm in thickness.

Freedom on a night out

Take the stress out of losing keys and use SecuEntry Home with your smartphone.

Easy installation, without drilling or pulling cables.

Sport without key is the key

Difficulty storing a key when playing sports, change to secuENTRY Home and open your doors with your smartphone.

Secure data transmission and large
range thanks to modern and energy-saving
Bluetooth technology 5.2 LE.

secuENTRY Home

Cylinder and App is all you need

Modern Smartlock, so you no longer need your door key. Open and lock with the free secuENTRY KeyApp. Up to six authorized smartphones can operate the lock. Easy installation with no measuring, no drilling, no cable connection required, for all door thicknesses up to 118 mm. Secure data transmission via Bluetooth 5.2.

Opening by keypad

Independance from keys and smartphones

Access via a six digit pin code, which can be changed at any time via the KeyApp. The keypad is Illuminated for convenient operation even in the dark. Bluetooth data transmission has AES encryption.

Door opening at the touch of a button

Convenient remote keyfob: You can use the secuENTRY sE-Key for yourself, or pass it on to friends, tradesmen and family. The range of the remote control is up to 4 metres. If the remote key is lost or stolen, you can easily delete in the app. Unauthorised persons will then no longer be able to enter the house.

Your perfect Smartlock combination

secuENTRY Home Set:With the secuENTRY Home cylinder and the secuENTRY PIN code keypad, you will experience all the convenience of a smartlock at an extremely attractive price.

Your smartphone is the key

The secuENTRY KeyApp turns your smartphone into a key. You can open and close your electronic secuENTRY Home at the touch of a button. Not only is convenience guaranteed, but also security. This is ensured by the latest Bluetooth 5.2 LE standard, with the range of the encrypted signal of up to four metres. The secuENTRY KeyApp is available free of charge for iOS and Android in the respective app store.

Easily installed

The secuENTRY Home cylinder flexibly adapts to all doors up to 118 mm thick (59/59mm).

Never forget the key again