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BK Zaun-Kit 3825 Ni SB

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Colour:Stainless steel


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Letter box fence kit 3825 Ni: How to easily mount your letter box on the fence

With the Letter box fence kit 3825 Ni, you can easily attach your letter box to the garden fence. This allows postmen to conveniently post your letters and other items from outside the property. The matching mounting material is of course included in the scope of delivery. The "Made in Germany" fence kit is suitable for fence thicknesses of up to 35 mm. If your fence is thicker, you can simply use longer screws during installation. The fence kit includes four stainless steel brackets. These are not only rust-free, but also stable and extremely durable. So you can enjoy your fence letterbox for many years to come.

For stainless steel, steel and plastic letter boxes

At BURG-WÄCHTER you will find a large selection of letter boxes. Not only can you choose between many different colours and shapes. You can also decide on the material according to your individual preferences. Between stainless steel models, letter boxes made of powder-coated steel and, of course, high-quality plastic letter boxes.  The letter box fence kit 3825 Ni is designed for all BURG-WÄCHTER letter boxes. Only not for the models Hamburg, Bremen, Fehmarn, Kiel, Piano and Pearl.