Letter box stand + accessories Letter boxes | Universal 150 NI

Universal 150 NI

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Colour:Stainless steel


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The Universal 150 letterbox stand made of stainless steel.

This letterbox stand from BURG-WÄCHTER is suitable for many of our letterboxes. With it, your letterbox is optimally placed in a position of your choice. The simple design also matches your letterbox perfectly in terms of appearance.

Practical assembly

The letterbox stand consists of two tubes, each 150 cm long and 32 mm in diameter. The tubes are already equipped with a special perforation. If necessary, the length can be shortened. Your letterbox is attached to the stand from the inside, thus providing increased protection against theft. The mounting material is already included with the stand. You can either set the universal stand in concrete or use the Base Uni 150 mounting foot to secure it in place. The letterbox stand is also suitable for mounting on a wall with standard pipe clamps.

Stainless steel

The Universal 150 Ni letterbox stand is made of rustproof stainless steel. It is particularly weatherproof, durable and also has a beautiful appearance.

Tip for installation

Even though the stands are weatherproof, we recommend installing your free-standing letterbox in a location that is as protected from the weather as possible. This will ensure that the letterbox and stand remain in optimum condition for many years to come.