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Dual Front 3821 Ni

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Colour:Stainless steel


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Two letterboxes in one: The Dual from BURG-WÄCHTER.

The ideal letterbox for two users: The Dual with comfort depth offers plenty of space and is also perfectly suited for integration into letterbox systems. The model can be conveniently combined in different versions with the Terzo uprights or the EST aluminium upright.

Comfort depth, suitable for system mounting

The Dual offers two interior compartments for two users. The comfort depth offers plenty of space and makes removing your mail particularly pleasant. The holes for mounting have already been drilled in preparation for system mounting - making self-assembly even quicker and easier. The DIN C4 insertion format also allows delivery of larger envelopes. The letterbox complies with the European standard (EN 13724).

Dual letterbox made of stainless steel

The Dual front with the post removal at the front is made of high-quality stainless steel.  Your advantage: This design is rustproof and even better equipped to withstand the elements. Tip: Mount your Dual in a weather-protected area. It will give you pleasure for a long time if it is not exposed to permanent or direct weather influences.

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