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Amrum-Set 38670 Ni

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Colour:Stainless steel with transparent protective coating
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The Amrum letterbox set with practical newspaper box

If you value simple elegance when it comes to appearance, the Amrum stainless steel letterbox from BURG-WÄCHTER is the ideal model for you. The compact, minimalist design fits visually on any house wall. The interior offers generous space for your mail and practical details such as the opening stop on the door or the insertion flap that protects against rain make the Amrum particularly functional.

"Made in Germany" from high-quality stainless steel

The Amrum letterbox is made of high-quality stainless steel. For extra protection, it is sealed with a transparent protective lacquer. It is precisely this combination that ensures extremely high weather resistance and durability. In addition, the Amrum letterbox is extremely easy to clean. Cleaning is quick and easy with a damp, clean cloth.

Comfotable removal of your newspapers and magazines

The Amrum set includes a matching newspaper roll. This is permanently mounted under the letterbox. Of course, the newspaper box is also made of high-quality, sealed stainless steel. So you can easily take out your newspapers and magazines without having to unlock the letterbox.

Plenty of space for mail, even for large envelopes

The insertion slot has the DIN C4 format. This means that even larger envelopes can be delivered without any problems. The Amrum letterbox naturally complies with the European standard EN 13724 and has a practical opening stop for convenient removal of mail.

Installation tips

The Amrum letterbox should not be exposed to permanent, direct weathering. Mount the letterbox on the wall using the enclosed fixing material or place it freely in a weather-protected area using a suitable letterbox stand. This gives you the choice of where you want to place the stainless steel letterbox.

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Accessories and spare parts

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