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WinSafe WZ 60 W SB

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The WinSafe WZ 60 door and window deadbolt with cylinder lock

An attempted break-in often fails not least because of good security technology. Protect your windows, doors, gates and much more reliably against forced entry - with the practical WinSafe WZ 60 bolts from BURG-WÄCHTER.

Robust, secure and convenient

The robust lock case is made of steel and impresses with its simple, elegant design. Available in two colours, it fits in well with your doors and windows.In this version, the WinSafe comfort deadbolt has a practical cylinder lock. If you wish, you can purchase these bolts in a keyed alike version - so you only need one key for several bolts.

Simple attachment - great effect

The WinSafe series from BURG-WÄCHTER is quick and easy to install on doors and windows. You can use this convenience deadbolt on both sides, right and left. Please note that this deadbolt is screwed to the frame and is therefore not suitable for flush elements.

Versatile use

The WinSafe WZ 60 comfort bolt not only secures doors and windows in your home. Use it in many other places. Make your caravan or boat burglar-proof all around. Lifting and sliding doors as well as skylights can also be optimally retrofitted with the comfort bolt.

Accessories and spare parts

WinSafe ZS 79 F5 GL

2 colors available