Lock & bolt padlocks | 400 E HB 50 Flex

400 E HB 50 Flex

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Variable and robust: The Magno HB padlock

Secure, durable, variable: The Magno padlock with high shackle (HB) is ideal for many everyday applications. Because a padlock with a high shackle also secures larger things such as filler pipes, lockable bollards or robust bolts. These are places that can no longer be locked with standard locks. The Magno HB is available in five different sizes. From the narrow body width of 20 mm to a massive 50 mm. The shackle height - a decisive point when buying an HB lock - is between 23 and 80 mm. With this selection, you are sure to find the individually suitable model.The Magno HB padlock made of hardened and chrome-plated brass offers robust protection against break-in attempts. In addition, the construction and the hardened shackle ensure a high tear resistance. From size 30 - i.e. the body width of 30 millimetres - the Magno HB lock is double locked. This offers you additional protection.

Convenience extra: keyed alike version possible

The Magno HB defies wind and weather for a long time. This is ensured by the rust-resistant internal parts. This means that the cylinder can always be closed correctly. Speaking of locking: the padlock is available in a large number of different lockings. So that a different key does not fit into your lock by chance.If you use several Magno HB padlocks, you should choose the keyed alike version. This way you can open all locks conveniently with one key. This puts an end to searching and trying to find the right key.