Schloss & Riegel-Vorhängeschlösser 〡 800 65 SB

800 65

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The high-performance 800 Alpha padlock for high security requirements

With the padlock 800 Alpha from BURG-WÄCHTER you are always guaranteed to be on the safe side.The housing of the lock is hard as steel and additionally chrome-plated. Accordingly, it offers an extremely high level of bolt-cutting protection and all-round protection against drilling.The plastic casing ensures a firm grip and a pleasant feel.The shackle is made of MnCr steel, which makes it ultra-hard and extremely strongly protected by a double ball lock.The construction of the 800 Alpha withstands several tons of pull-out force.The high-tech locking mechanism is secured against extraction at all times.More than 300,000 different lockings are possible with this high-security lock.Info: Duplicate keys can only be ordered for this lock on presentation of the key card supplied.This must be presented to the respective dealer.