secuENTRY pro

Electronic door locking system for office and commercial use

Individual & Safe

Access control for companies and public institutions

The advantages of an electronic locking system are obvious - no more lost keys, simple and above all secure assignment of access authorisations. The diverse requirements in commercial, industrial or public areas are ideally covered by the secuENTRY modular system.

Advantages of electronic solutions for locking systems

Every mechanical locking system reaches its limits at some point or can only be adapted to changing conditions with high costs and a lot of administrative effort. Bereits in mittelständischen Unternehmen, evtl. noch mit Gefahrenbereichen, kann eine Zutrittssteuerung komplex sein.

Mechanical locking systems are inflexible, have large security gaps and high follow-up costs, e.g. if keys are lost. With the secuENTRY pro modular system, for example, the administration costs are significantly lower in the long term due to the simple set-up and operation, and the security is enhanced by e.g. temporally and spatially limited access for visitors and external service providers.

Volle Kontrolle

Smarte Schließanlage

Mit der secuENTRY pro 7083 System Software handhaben Sie Ihre Schließanlage ganz spielerisch. Die Software stellt alles zur grundlegenden Einrichtung Ihrer BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY-Schließanlage zur Verfügung.
So verwalten Sie problemlos bis zu 2.000 Benutzer und 1.000 Türen pro Mandant.


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