Smartes Türschließsystem secuENTRY für Office, Büro und Unternehmen
Smartes Türschließsystem secuENTRY für Office, Büro und Unternehmen

secuENTRY pro

Electronic door locking system for office and commercial use

Individual & Safe

Access control for commercial premises & multi-occupancy buildings

TThe benefits of an electronic locking system include no more lost keys and the simple and secure assignment of access to specific doors & users. The diverse requirements in commercial, industrial or public areas are covered by the secuENTRY modular system .

Advantages of electronic solutions for locking systems

Mechanical locking systems are inflexible and difficult to adapt with the changing needs of a business. They can also incur on-going costs such as replacing locks when a key is lost for example. With the secuENTRY pro modular system, the administration costs are significantly lower in the long term due to the simple set-up and operation. Security is also enhanced by the ability to provide temporary access for visitors and external service providers to specific locks.

secuENTRY Pro - Software für secuENTRY Schließsystem

Full control

Smart locking system

With the secuENTRY pro 7083 system software, you can handle your locking system with ease. The software provides everything for the basic setup of your BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY locking system.
Easily manage up to 2,000 users and 1,000 doors per client.


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