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Entry 5712 KP FS

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Door opening by fingerprint or code with the secuENTRY pro 5712 FP keypad

It's easy to forget or lose a key. But you are guaranteed to always have your own finger with you. And with the secuENTRY pro 5712 FP keypad (fingerprint), your fingerprint becomes your key! Once trained, you can conveniently open your electronic secuENTRY door cylinder via the integrated sensor. As each person has an individual fingerprint, manipulation is impossible.A maximum of 300 finger scans (including 45 premium fingers) can be stored. In addition, the secuENTRY pro 5712 FP keypad also offers the possibility of opening by six-digit code. The combination of numbers is, of course, freely selectable.

Data security thanks to AES encryption

Data is transmitted between the keypad and the electronic secuENTRY door cylinder via an AES-encrypted 4.0 Bluetooth wireless connection. This ensures that no one can access your fingerprint or code.Thanks to the large range of up to four metres, you are extremely flexible when installing the secuENTRY pro 5712 FP. By the way: You don't have to pull any annoying cables during installation. Data is exchanged via Bluetooth.

Simple installation of the secuENTRY 5712 FP

The keypad is attached to the house wall with extra-strong adhesive strips or it is screwed into place. Of course, the corresponding mounting material is included in the scope of delivery. The keypad offers protection class IP 55 (protection against dust deposits inside, protection against water jets) and is therefore suitable for outdoor installation.You activate the secuENTRY 5712 FP keypad via the mechanical power button. You then have the option of opening the electronic door cylinder with the previously taught fingerprint or the six-digit access code. The secuENTRY pro 7000, 7010 TWIN, 7030 HALF, 7100 and 7116 DUO cylinders store up to 2000 user codes.

Keypad signals pending battery change

If a non-authorised finger is used three times in succession or the wrong code is entered three times in succession, the secuENTRY 5712 FP is automatically locked for one minute. After that, the blocking time increases to three minutes after each further incorrect entry.In addition to the mounting material, the secuENTRY pro 5712 FP also comes with the necessary batteries. This means you can start using the keypad straight away. Incidentally, the device informs you in good time if you need to change the batteries in the keypad or the secuENTRY door cylinder soon. The display shows exactly which battery is affected. However, this only happens very rarely. Experience shows that a set of batteries lasts about two years.

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